Best Tips For Writing A Great How To Article

If you are using articles to​ help drive traffic to​ your website you will need to​ come up with ideas for articles that people will want to​ read and publish. the​ quality of​ articles found on​ article directories can vary significantly so it​ is​ important that yours are among the​ best available for your article marketing campaign to​ be successful.

There is​ no end to​ the​ subjects you can write about and you can use any style you wish. However,​ it​ has to​ be something that people will want to​ read. "How to" articles are very popular with both website owners and readers and can be a​ great way to​ get your article marketing campaign underway. Basically,​ the​ purpose of​ a​ 'how to' article is​ to​ explain to​ a​ reader how to​ do something.

Of course,​ you will have to​ have a​ good knowledge of​ how to​ do the​ task yourself before you can think about instructing anyone else how to​ do it,​ so stick to​ what you know. There are many possibilities. if​ you have experience in​ networking you could write a​ 'how to' article on​ how to​ set up a​ router at​ home,​ or​ if​ you love cars you could write an​ article on​ 'how to​ service your car'. There are endless possibilities for 'how to' articles,​ in​ fact you are reading one right now.

So let's get started. When you are writing a​ "how to" article remember that you are the​ teacher so write in​ an​ authoritative tone. You are sharing your expertise with someone who may have little knowledge of​ the​ subject at​ hand. So keep your writing style simple and your instructions clear.

At the​ beginning of​ your article tell your reader what their goal is​ and summarize how it​ is​ going to​ be achieved. This will prepare them for the​ task ahead. You should also inform them of​ what,​ if​ anything,​ they will need to​ have to​ hand to​ complete the​ task. Going back to​ the​ setting up a​ router example,​ you would need to​ tell them that they will need their computer,​ router,​ instruction booklet and perhaps and ethernet cable to​ complete the​ task.

Also,​ you must start at​ the​ beginning and work through the​ task step by step. Sometimes it​ may be beneficial to​ use bullet points to​ help give the​ impression that it​ is​ a​ step by step process. Alternatively you can link the​ steps with words like 'next',​ 'and then' or​ 'now'. if​ you are new to​ writing the​ bullet points option might be best for you as​ it​ keeps things simple,​ and helps you avoid complex grammatical structures.

As you write,​ re-read your text every few paragraphs,​ and try to​ read it​ from the​ reader's point of​ view,​ assuming they know nothing about the​ task at​ hand. as​ an​ expert on​ the​ subject it​ can be too easy to​ make things over-complex because the​ task is​ second nature to​ you. Try to​ imagine you are doing it​ for the​ first time and instruct the​ reader accordingly. Going back to​ our previous example,​ will the​ reader actually know what an​ ethernet cable is,​ or​ what a​ router is​ for that matter?

If a​ particular stage in​ the​ task is​ complex you may want to​ repeat the​ instruction,​ or​ ask the​ reader to​ check their progress so they are sure they have followed your instructions successfully.

With longer articles it​ is​ important to​ do this regularly so the​ reader does not lose track. Summarize what they have done so far,​ tell them what should have already been achieved and ask them to​ check that everything is​ as​ it​ should be. if​ a​ reader finds that the​ project does not look like what you have described,​ they can then retrace the​ last few steps and see where they went wrong.

If you work through your article in​ this manner you should be left with a​ clear,​ concise 'how to' article that takes the​ reader through each step of​ the​ project to​ completion. Read it​ again,​ at​ least twice,​ to​ make sure that it​ is​ well written and that instructions are clear. Wrap up with a​ concluding paragraph congratulating the​ reader for a​ job well done.

And finally,​ the​ icing on​ the​ cake,​ the​ headline. This does not necessarily have to​ be done at​ the​ end. it​ can be done before you write the​ article but you may find that headline ideas will come to​ you as​ you write your content. Be sure to​ spend some time perfecting your headline as​ this can be the​ difference between the​ success and failure of​ your article.

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