Benefits Of An Elliptical Trainer Workout

Benefits Of An Elliptical Trainer Workout

Elliptical trainers are ideal for getting in​ shape and losing weight. When you workout on​ an​ elliptical trainer there are two important benefits:

  • Low-Impact Exercise

  • Upper and Lower Body Workout

  • It is​ for those reasons that elliptical trainers are growing in​ popularity. Treadmills sell more in​ total numbers,​ but elliptical sales are growing at​ a​ faster pace. They are particularly appealing to​ the​ baby boomer generation that is​ looking for an​ alternative form of​ exercise and workout that lessens the​ impact on​ aging joints.

    Low-Impact Exercise

    The two most popular forms of​ exercise are walking and running. But the​ facts are running,​ and to​ a​ lesser extent walking,​ cause stress to​ your body through continual impact. in​ fact,​ runners can apply as​ much as​ 2.5 times their body weight to​ their joints with each stride. This is​ why runners and walkers often suffer from ankle,​ knee,​ hip and back injuries. Especially if​ they workout outdoors on​ concrete or​ asphalt. With every step there is​ a​ degree of​ shock absorption. This shock can be felt throughout your entire body.

    Elliptical trainers reduce impact through their elliptical motion. Your feet never leave the​ foot pedals. There is​ no reverse action,​ or​ significant impact. Consequently there is​ virtually no shock absorption to​ your joints. the​ motion of​ an​ elliptical trainer simulates the​ natural path of​ the​ ankle,​ knee and hip joints during walking,​ jogging or​ running. And yet you still get a​ weight bearing workout,​ which builds bone density,​ and inhibits the​ onset of​ osteoporosis.

    With a​ treadmill you are constantly lifting your feet and impacting the​ treadbelt with every stride. Treadmills are designed to​ absorb some of​ the​ impact,​ but there is​ still that constant jolt to​ your joints.

    Upper and Lower Body Workout

    In addition to​ the​ low impact exercise,​ elliptical trainers workout both the​ upper and lower body simultaneously. By exercising several muscle groups at​ once you are able to​ optimize your workout. By involving more muscle mass in​ your aerobic workout you increase the​ efficiency of​ your workout.

    When you exercise both the​ upper and lower body on​ an​ elliptical trainer,​ you utilize the​ quadriceps,​ glutes,​ chest,​ back,​ hamstrings,​ triceps and biceps. By exercising more muscle mass you attain the​ following benefits:

  • Improved fat mobilization

  • Build muscle endurance

  • Burn more calories and fat in​ less time

  • Reduced perceived rate of​ exertion

  • Regarding the​ reduced perceived rate of​ exertion,​ studies have shown that an​ elliptical trainer workout will often be perceived as​ less strenuous due to​ the​ combined upper and lower body exercise. the​ perception is​ that you get more results with less effort.

    The benefits of​ an​ elliptical trainer workout have resulted in​ increased sales for both residential and commercial use. They are gaining in​ popularity at​ health clubs,​ and where several years ago you may have seen one or​ two,​ you now see rows of​ ellipticals.

    If you haven’t used an​ elliptical you need to​ give one a​ try. if​ you are thinking about home fitness equipment,​ seriously consider an​ elliptical trainer. the​ benefits surpass those you receive from a​ treadmill,​ and you will be doing your body a​ favor.

    Benefits Of An Elliptical Trainer Workout

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