Benefits Of Chair Yoga Part 2

We have all heard the​ saying,​ “Rome wasn’t built in​ a​ day.” Those words are extremely profound,​ when thinking about correcting poor posture and alignment. it​ takes years to​ create poor alignment.

Therefore,​ poor posture cannot be corrected in​ a​ single day. a​ more appropriate saying,​ when thinking about posture and alignment might be,​ “The leaning tower of​ Pisa cannot become straight in​ a​ week.”

However,​ improvements to​ posture can be made through Chair Yoga exercises and through daily “posture awareness.” in​ my classes,​ I refer to​ posture awareness as​ “homework.” it​ usually draws a​ chuckle from students,​ but they also know that class time is​ the​ time to​ learn and practice Chair Yoga together.

Time away from the​ Yoga class is​ when you put the​ principles you have learned,​ in​ motion,​ and adapt them into your lifestyle. I cannot promise Chair
Yoga is​ a​ “cure all,​” but you will see improvements in​ every aspect of​ your life. However,​ practicing your homework separates the​ fantastic success stories from those who see some modest improvement.

So,​ what is​ posture awareness? This is​ taking the​ time to​ be aware of​ your posture,​ on​ a​ daily basis. the​ first thing you want to​ do in​ order to​ open your awareness is​ look at​ your side profile in​ a​ mirror and any photographs of​ yourself. at​ this point,​ look at​ your spine from top to​ bottom.

Do you see slumping,​ forward tilting of​ the​ neck,​ or​ extra large curves? Your spine should be aligned so that it​ is​ fairly straight at​ all times. During a​ number of​ daily activities such as: Standing,​ walking,​ reading,​ eating,​ sitting,​ lying,​ typing,​ and more,​ you should make a​ conscious effort,​ to​ keep your head and back straight.

Now,​ we​ can all remember a​ schoolteacher who preached,​ “Keep your back straight,​” but now we​ know that he or​ she was absolutely correct. Take the​ time to​ adjust your spinal alignment,​ from this moment on,​ and every time you can remember to​ do so.

If possible,​ you should also attend any workshops about Chiropractic and
Orthopedic medicine. Educate yourself about your body,​ your spine,​ and your choices. You can usually find these workshops and many more valuable meetings at​ your local senior center. These workshops are usually free,​ you are under no obligation,​ and it​ makes for a​ good “Fact finding mission.”

The alignment and posture principles,​ you learn in​ a​ Chair Yoga class,​ can be as​ simple as,​ “Pain or​ no pain.”

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