Beautify And Add Fragrance To Your Home Decor With Candles

Beautify and​ Add Fragrance to​ your​ Home Decor with Candles
Candles create a​ warm beauty in​ your​ home like no other home decor accessory .​
They light up the room and​ set the mood with colors or​ scents of​ flowers, foods, or​ spices .​
They illuminate the seasons or​ holidays with delightful smells .​
Let's explore some creative ways to​ spruce up your​ home decor with candles.
Create Multi-Dimensional Focal Points in​ a​ Room
Candles come in​ a​ variety of​ sizes and​ heights .​
There are wide, short, tall, thin, and​ medium sized candles of​ all different colors .​
you​ can arrange candles of​ different heights and​ sizes to​ create dimensional focal points on​ a​ table, fireplace mantle, mirror shelf, or​ wherever candles will fit .​
Place the candles from the smallest to​ the largest in​ groups of​ three to​ five candles to​ create an​ appealing display.
Use Candles to​ Enhance Other Decor Items
Floral arrangements, photos, paintings, and​ figurines seem to​ come to​ life when a​ candle is​ nearby .​
Light the candles in​ the evening to​ illuminate special centerpieces .​
Taper candles, pillar candles, or​ globe candles work great for​ highlighting other eye-catching items of​ your​ decor.
Set the Mood with Candles
in​ a​ romantic setting, add votives around a​ hot tub, bath, or​ bedroom to​ set the mood .​
for​ best results and​ longer burning times, always use votive holders .​
Use multiple votives of​ the same or​ various colors to​ create a​ more elaborate candle setting .​
for​ holidays such as​ Thanksgiving and​ Christmas, set the mood for​ your​ gatherings with scented candles .​
Some great scents for​ the holidays are cinnamon, vanilla, apple, cranberry, cookies, and​ other holiday delights .​
for​ parties, buy scented or​ unscented candles that are colorful and​ fit for​ the occasion​ .​
Brighten an​ anniversary party with white, green, or​ beige candles, which are decorative without drawing too much attention​ .​
Use pink or​ blue candles for​ kids' parties .​
Red, orange, green, white, or​ beige candles work well for​ the holidays .​
for​ a​ poolside party, use floating tealight candles to​ light up the pool and​ dazzle your​ guests.
Crafty Candles
if​ you​ enjoy decorating your​ home with homemade crafts, candles can also be used to​ create your​ own crafts .​
you​ can decorate plain​ candles any way you​ want .​
you​ can also tie ribbons around several candles to​ bind them in​ a​ decorative pose .​
Use saucers, flowerpots, old lanterns, and​ so forth to​ create your​ own unique candleholders .​
Create the type of​ decor you​ want in​ every room with a​ little creativity.
Candle Safety Tips
Before lighting a​ candle, be sure the candle is​ in​ a​ proper holder for​ burning .​
Also, never set the candle on​ a​ wood or​ plastic surface .​
Candleholders can become extremely hot after burning a​ while .​
Place burning candles on​ a​ metal surface if​ possible .​
for​ a​ safer way to​ enjoy scented or​ unscented candles, use a​ candle warmer .​
Candle warmers melt the candle while giving off its maximum scent .​
Warmers also enable you​ to​ use the candle longer without burning it​ up .​
Just make sure the warmer is​ placed on​ a​ non-flammable surface such as​ metal .​
Keep an​ eye on​ candles and​ never leave them unattended for​ long periods of​ time .​
Also, never place a​ burning candle too close to​ flammable objects such as​ silk flowers, cloth or​ clothes, or​ a​ hanging coat.
Blend colorful, sweet smelling candles throughout your​ decor to​ add beauty to​ every room of​ your​ home .​
you​ can find a​ variety of​ scented candles, unscented candles, votives, tealights, globe candles, taper candles, and​ pillar candles online to​ suit your​ needs.

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