Beat The Blues With Yoga

The kids are out of​ control,​ your job is​ a​ hassle and to​ top it​ all off,​ you have no time for yourself. if​ anyone told you that you could reach a​ state of​ physical and emotional bliss,​ you'd say they were nuts. But believe it​ or​ not,​ you can beat the​ blues with yoga!

Yoga is​ a​ great mood enhancer that requires no drugs or​ medications. Like all forms of​ exercise,​ yoga releases hormones that help ease feelings of​ stress that often lead to​ the​ blahs,​ blues,​ or​ outright depression. Being active keeps your mind away from negative thoughts,​ and allows you to​ gain a​ greater and clearer perspective on​ the​ problems you are facing. People who are depressed,​ or​ simply feeling "down",​ often lack the​ motivation to​ exercise. That's why yoga can be such a​ great option. it​ takes far less effort to​ complete yoga routine as​ it​ takes to​ out to​ a​ video or​ drive to​ the​ gym.

A word of​ warning; if​ you suffer from more than just the​ occasional bout of​ the​ blues,​ and feel down for more than two weeks at​ a​ time,​ you should seek professional advice. a​ doctor or​ therapist may feel that you need a​ combination of​ medication or​ therapy with exercise.

When you're feeling down,​ it's hard to​ think positively. People who are depressed often lack the​ concentration to​ detach themselves from their thoughts. Yoga is​ a​ "moving meditation",​ so it​ is​ easier to​ take your mind away from negative thoughts. Our essential inner nature can be blocked by negative thoughts. Apathy,​ despair,​ doubt,​ hopelessness and sleeping too much or​ too little are all signs of​ depression that must be addressed. Yoga is​ designed to​ bring you closer to​ your inner truth,​ naturally helping with some of​ the​ symptoms of​ depression. With a​ focus on​ balance,​ yoga can help to​ restore mental stability.

There is​ a​ definite connection between mind,​ body and spirit that indicates people can beat the​ blues with yoga. No other form of​ exercise alone can achieve these same benefits. Certain Asana yoga postures can influence your mood and help to​ relieve depression,​ although Asana can cure depression altogether. Asana postures can help increase low energy levels and relieve lethargy. They are also helpful in​ opening lung capacity to​ allow more oxygen to​ reach all parts of​ your body,​ and even your mood. Ask your yoga instructor to​ help you learn the​ postures that will balance your moods.

It's also possible to​ beat the​ blues with yoga because of​ the​ calming effects yoga has on​ the​ nervous system. Proper breathing techniques are important elements to​ practicing yoga,​ as​ these can help curb your anxiety and quiet your thoughts,​ allowing you to​ concentrate on​ positive rather than negative energies. as​ you learn more about yoga,​ you'll come to​ understand the​ connection between your mind and your emotions,​ and you'll find that they can help each other.

If you think you may be suffering with severe depression,​ seek professional advice. Yoga is​ a​ drug-free alternative that can be safely practiced in​ conjunction with any medication or​ therapy your doctor orders. Some yoga routines are specifically designed to​ alleviate depression and taught by instructors who have been extensively trained to​ understand the​ most therapeutic positions.

Even performing the​ most basic yoga routines can help lift your spirits. While not physically demanding like other forms of​ exercise,​ yoga will make you feel much better at​ the​ end of​ a​ session. Try it​ and you'll find that you can beat the​ blues with yoga!

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