Basic Yoga Postures And Their Variations

Basic Yoga Postures And Their Variations

1. the​ COBRA Do this in​ easy stages. Lie down,​ face prone,​ legs tightly together and stretched back,​ forehead on​ the​ floor. Put your hands,​ palm down,​ just under your shoulders. Inhale and raise your head,​ pressing your neck back,​ now use your hands to​ push your trunk up until you are bending in​ a​ beautiful arc from your lower spine to​ the​ back of​ your neck. You need go no further than this. However,​ if​ you are supple enough,​ you can now straighten your arms completely,​ bend the​ legs at​ the​ knees and drop your head back to​ touch your feet. Even if​ your head goes nowhere near your feet,​ drop it​ back as​ far as​ possible and hold the​ posture with deep breathing. Come out of​ the​ posture very slowly,​ returning to​ the​ face prone posture. Relax with your head to​ one side. Repeat

2. the​ BOW This is​ also an​ extreme version of​ the​ simple bow. it​ is​ surprising how many children can do it​ immediately. Take it,​ once again,​ in​ easy stages. Lie face prone on​ your mat. if​ you are very slim have a​ nice thick,​ padded mat for this one. Inhale and bend your knees up. Stretch back with your arms and catch hold of​ your ankles,​ keeping fingers and thumbs all together on​ the​ outside. Inhale and at​ the​ same time raise your head and chest,​ pulling at​ your ankles and lifting knees and thighs off the​ floor. Breathe normally,​ trying to​ kick up your legs higher and lifting your head up. You are now bent like a​ bow,​ balancing the​ weight of​ your body on​ your abdomen. You can stop right here but if​ you can still stretch further,​ then slide your hands down your legs,​ lift them higher,​ keep the​ knees together and pull back as​ much as​ you can. Hold for a​ few normal deep breaths,​ then relax back to​ the​ face-prone position,​ head to​ one side.

3. the​ SHOOTING BOW in​ Sanskrit this is​ known as​ Akarna Dhanurasana and one leg is​ drawn up like a​ shooting bow. Sit with both legs stretched out in​ front and back straight. Reach forward with both hands and clasp your feet,​ catching the​ right foot with the​ left hand and the​ left foot with the​ right hand. Inhale,​ bend the​ left knee and pull the​ foot across the​ body,​ close to​ your chest,​ pointing the​ elbow up and twisting the​ body slightly to​ the​ right. the​ left hand stays firm and tight,​ holding the​ right foot. Hold posture with normal breathing,​ release slowly,​ and relax. Repeat on​ other side. in​ the​ beginning it​ is​ enough to​ hold the​ bent left leg with the​ right hand. When this is​ easy,​ stretch down and hold the​ left foot with the​ right hand. Continue to​ pull on​ the​ left foot,​ lifting it​ higher on​ each exhalation.

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