Basic Pool Maintenance Tips

Basic Pool Maintenance Tips

Before running to​ buy the latest Dolphin​ pool cleaner, there are a​ few basic things you​ should know about pool maintenance.

After getting a​ swimming pool, the next thing you​ really need for​ your​ pool maintenance is​ a​ pool cover. The pool cover will help you​ cover the swimming pool when out of​ the house for​ long periods of​ time, or​ when the pool is​ not in​ use (like long winters or​ trips).

A plastic pool cover can be very effective in​ protecting the pool from different objects falling into the water, and​ from the elements. Some purchase a​ strong plastic cover to​ prevent children or​ pets from accidentally falling into the pool. Remember that setting up the pool cover is​ a​ lot of​ work, requires some time and​ effort. this​ is​ basic pool maintenance.

Every swimming pool has a​ skimmer that is​ used to​ collect dead leaves, branches, insects and​ other debris from the water surface. a​ skimmer is​ a​ rake that is​ used to​ pull out objects from the water, surely you​ remember the life guard in​ the summer walking around the pool and​ fishing out all the dead insects, leaves and​ such from the swimming pool. Pool maintenance and​ cleaning should be in​ direct correlation​ to​ how much it​ is​ used, and​ if​ you​ plan to​ use your​ pool frequently, you​ will need to​ use a​ good skimmer, so try and​ put some money into a​ quality one, you​ will get to​ use it​ a​ lot.

One of​ the most important things in​ swimming pool maintenance is​ the filtration, keeping the water clean and​ circulating them is​ important in​ any pool. There are several types of​ filters available for​ swimming pool water. Sand​ and​ gravel, diatomaceous earth, anthracite, and​ cartridge types are the filter mediums most commonly employed. Swimming pool filtration​ system use the same basic principle of​ passing water through tiny passageways, thus filtering it. Particles larger than these passages are trapped and​ thereby separated from the main​ body of​ the water. this​ process continues until all of​ these passageways are blocked. The filter must then be cleaned and​ the cycle repeated.

Sediment and​ suspended matter usually find their way to​ the bottom of​ the pool and​ will need to​ be removed by vacuuming, since swimming pool filtration​ varies in​ quality, and​ is​ subject to​ the frequency of​ maintenance and​ quality, you​ will need to​ consider vacuuming as​ a​ general pool maintenance tool for​ your​ swimming pool cleaning.

The swimming pool vacuum operates in​ a​ similar manner to​ the common​ household unit except it​ draws water through the vacuum head instead of​ air. There are two ways in​ which this​ may be accomplished. One method employs a​ jet of​ water supplied by a​ garden hose to​ power the suction​ which draws the dirt into the head to​ be trapped in​ a​ cloth bag. The other method uses the suction​ power supplied by the filter which draws the sediment and​ dirt from the pool floor for​ removal through the filter. When there is​ a​ considerable amount of​ sediment to​ be removed the filter valves should be adjusted so that the vacuumed water will bypass the filter and​ run to​ waste.

Chemicals are used in​ pool maintenance on​ regular basis to​ keep water safe and​ clean. The most common​ chemical used is​ chlorine. Again, asking you​ to​ try and​ remember you​ childhood and​ that a​ fresh swimming pool usually had an​ unpleasant side effect of​ irritated skin​ or​ eyes, this​ is​ the danger and​ the cons of​ using chlorine in​ your​ pool. if​ used in​ large quantities, or​ if​ not maintained properly, chlorine may irritate the eyes and​ skin​ of​ swimmers. a​ swimming pool owner should also be aware of​ the proper maintenance instructions for​ the chemicals and​ follow the manufacturers instructions when applying the chemical to​ the pool.

Use common​ sense when thinking of​ pool maintenance and​ pool cleaning, your​ swimming pool is​ there for​ you​ to​ enjoy it, but it​ does come with a​ few simple responsibilities. Cleaning your​ swimming pool regularly will allow you​ to​ enjoy a​ clean and​ healthy swimming pool for​ a​ long time.

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