Basic Considerations In Buying Project Management Software

Basic Considerations In Buying Project Management Software

Basic Considerations in​ Buying Project Management Software
The cost range of​ project management software is​ huge .​
From under $50 to​ over $20,​000 .​
Extensive reviews have been written about all the​ different software packages and it​ is​ far too complex to​ summarize in​ a​ short article,​ but following are some general guidelines to​ help you​ narrow down the​ decision making process.
Start by determining the​ size of​ the​ expected project(s) and number of​ projects .​
Quite simply,​ the​ larger number and more complex projects will justify more complex and expensive software.
Small Projects
Smaller,​ infrequent projects often can be handled with no specialized software .​
Gantt charts can even be constructed with Excel .​
Remember though that even if​ your projects are small at​ this point,​ if​ there is​ a​ possibility that your business will grow,​ it​ may make more sense to​ invest the​ time and money in​ a​ more advanced software tool .​
Suggested packages at​ this level include Milestones line of​ packages .​
Prices range from around $50 up to​ $240 .​
Turboproject has versions under $50 up to​ $300 .​
For somewhat more complex packages consider Microsoft Project at​ $200 to​ $600 or​ Primavera Suretrak at​ $400 to​ $600.
Medium Sized Projects
Budget becomes more of​ an​ issue as​ project size increases .​
This requires software with greater flexibility and more complex relationships .​
The other elements of​ resources,​ time,​ and scope grow substantially in​ medium sized projects .​
the​ previously mentioned Microsoft and Primavera packages are good choices at​ this level.
Large Multiple Projects
With multiple large projects resources need to​ be carefully allocated and prioritized .​
Several layers of​ management will be involved and the​ entire project management process will often need to​ be integrated into various departments of​ the​ organization including payroll,​ human relations,​ accounting,​ etc .​
In order to​ accomplish this,​ the​ project management software will need a​ great deal of​ flexibility and possibly even some customization.
Choices at​ this level start with the​ medium sized packages and go up to​ the​ highest versions of​ Primavera .​
Often network versions are used which enable multiple users contributing to​ the​ projects .​
The off the​ shelf,​ lower end software packages can be purchased based on​ price alone and the​ internet makes it​ easy to​ locate the​ cheapest price .​
Higher end packages that may require customization are a​ more complicated purchase decision.
Some considerations in​ selecting a​ vendor include:
Technical support
Customization consulting
Recommendations from previous customers
Stability of​ vendor
Your final decision on​ the​ project management software package may also involve the​ previous experience and skills that existing employees may have .​
The learning curve can be very steep,​ so do take this into account.

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