Banning Usb Flash Drives From The Workplace

Banning USB Flash Drives From the​ Workplace
The last few years we​ have seen an​ increase in​ sales of​ the​ fancy looking USB flash drives .​
They have been made as​ small as​ a​ keychain figurine or​ a​ tie clip .​
Yes,​ USB flash drives to​ wear on​ your tie .​
Now that these flash drives have made their way to​ everyone because of​ the​ affordable pricing,​ many workplaces are banning them from the​ office .​
It is​ one of​ the​ best ways to​ steal company information without anyone knowing about it .​
Many companies have as​ far as​ disabling the​ USB ports on​ employee’s computers .​
This may seem a​ little extreme,​ but companies have to​ protect their information .​
Although some businesses give these little units to​ their employees for advertising purposes,​ they are not allowed to​ use them in​ the​ workplace .​
They are basically given as​ an​ advertisement with the​ company logo on​ them for others to​ see .​
There are so many harmful affects that these flash drives can have on​ a​ business .​
Because of​ their different shapes and designs,​ businesses have decided to​ pull the​ plug on​ the​ USB ports .​
You might look at​ someone’s keychain and think that little gadget they have is​ cute,​ but that cute little gadget could ruin your business .​
This type of​ theft and the​ creation of​ the​ USB flash drives brought concern from many businesses and individuals alike .​
What if​ you are individual that carries around a​ USB flash drive in​ their purse or​ on​ a​ keychain would lose the​ unit? All information would be loss and open to​ anyone who finds the​ flash drive .​
This causes concern for concern for how to​ properly store the​ flash drives that have sensitive information recorded .​
Carrying around a​ flash drive is​ just like carrying around your credit card .​
If you lose it,​ you are vulnerable to​ fraud .​
For the​ most part,​ flash drives have allowed people to​ download music,​ pictures and files and free up room on​ the​ laptop or​ the​ desktop computer .​
These are also valuable in​ the​ event you would lose information on​ your computer due to​ a​ hacker or​ a​ virus .​
In this case,​ the​ USB flash drives are extremely necessary .​
You can buy different size flash drives to​ hold different amounts of​ information .​
If you download a​ huge amount of​ music,​ you may want a​ USB flash drive that can accommodate all the​ files or​ more than one .​
New technology has enhanced the​ use of​ the​ computer for more than one reason .​
People can now use flash drives for file storage and businesses can storage vital information on​ these drives in​ order to​ keep it​ safe from potential security leaks .​
Although businesses ban the​ use of​ the​ flash drives from employee’s,​ the​ company themselves do use these as​ way’s to​ conduct business during travels .​
They can make presentations and instead of​ carrying a​ laptop along on​ their travels,​ they just take the​ flash drive .​
Today,​ with the​ higher security in​ airports,​ it​ is​ always important to​ check with new security rules before attempting to​ take a​ flash drive on​ the​ airplane to​ make sure it​ will be accepted .​
In most cases,​ you will fid that they are allowed .​
Other business concerns the​ flash drives are a​ valuable and handy little piece of​ technology that will help secure important files and information .​

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