Bad Habits In The Workplace

Bad Habits In The Workplace

Bad Habits in​ the​ Workplace
Everyone suffers when someone on​ the​ job has bad habits in​ the​ workplace .​
Bad habits can make for an​ environment that is​ unfriendly,​ unproductive,​ or​ even unsafe .​
You can only correct your bad habits in​ the​ workplace if​ you recognize them .​

One of​ the​ most noticeable bad habits in​ the​ workplace is​ tardiness .​
Some people just have a​ habit of​ being late to​ everything .​
They are late to​ arrive,​ late back from break,​ and late back from lunch .​
This not only puts them in​ jeopardy of​ losing their jobs .​
It can affect the​ productivity of​ the​ whole crew or​ office .​

Absenteeism is​ another bad habit that people can fall into easily .​
a​ new trend is​ to​ make all accumulated days off the​ same .​
Sick days,​ personal days,​ and vacation days are lumped together .​
You just have a​ set number of​ days off and it​ is​ up to​ you how you take them .​

The trouble with this system is​ that too many people have bad habits about using the​ days off .​
They get used to​ taking off whenever they feel like it .​
Before they know it,​ all their days off are gone .​
Then,​ when they really have an​ emergency or​ illness,​ they have to​ miss work without pay .​
In the​ meantime,​ their workload is​ being handled by someone else .​

People often have bad habits in​ the​ workplace when it​ comes to​ paperwork .​
They do not do proper accounting on​ their expense reports .​
They do not keep the​ receipts that are needed by their company .​
They fail to​ keep mileage records on​ their company cars accurately .​
This makes the​ company's accounting department have to​ work harder .​

Many workers have an​ aversion to​ doing paperwork at​ all .​
They have bad habits of​ not filling out jobsite reports as​ needed .​
If they do special business reports as​ requested,​ they may have bad habits about not turning them in​ on​ time .​

Clean work spaces can help people get more work done .​
However,​ many people have bad habits when it​ comes to​ keeping their desks and offices neat .​
They may have a​ certain kind of​ organization if​ they have stacks of​ papers on​ their desks .​
Yet,​ if​ their desk is​ full of​ half empty pop cans and crumpled up fast food bags,​ it​ cannot help anything .​

People often get into the​ bad habit of​ losing things .​
They may lose important paperwork .​
the​ paperwork may be critical contracts for a​ major deal the​ company is​ involved with .​
If your bad habits take over,​ you can cost the​ company everything .​

People in​ other kinds of​ jobs can get into the​ habit of​ losing tools .​
They do not pay enough attention when they lay down their tools .​
When they get ready to​ clean up for the​ day,​ they have no recollection of​ where they put a​ particular tool,​ if​ they remember using it​ at​ all .​
This is​ a​ bad habit that amounts to​ laziness in​ thinking .​

If you want to​ make an​ impression at​ work,​ get a​ grip on​ your bad habits .​
the​ way you work will be a​ result of​ the​ habits you bring to​ the​ table .​
It is​ the​ good habits that make you succeed .​

Bad Habits In The Workplace

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