Asian Decor Infuses Your Home With Peace And Harmony

Asian Decor Infuses Your Home With Peace And Harmony

Asian Decor Infuses your​ Home with Peace and​ Harmony
To counteract the frenetic pace of​ today's hectic lifestyle, you​ probably want your​ home to​ be your​ sanctuary .​
And, when it​ comes to​ decorating your​ home, Asian decor is​ unique in​ its ability to​ convey that sense of​ peacefulness and​ harmony that is​ all too often missing from other elements of​ life.
One of​ the wonderful things about Oriental decor is​ that it's extremely flexible .​
you​ can add soothing Asian touches throughout your​ home, or​ go all out and​ transform your​ living space into a​ serene Asian paradise .​
Either way, here are some ideas to​ inspire you:
Asian Lamps
Asian lamps can add a​ decorative touch and​ infuse warm light in​ your​ living room or​ bedroom .​
Saa paper lamps are typically square, and​ are constructed from natural materials like bamboo, teak, or​ rattan, with handmade and​ hand-painted saa paper covering the frame .​
While some Asian lamps are painted with a​ decidedly Asian theme, others complement any style of​ home decor .​
Available in​ a​ variety of​ colors and​ designs, these lamps bring both artistry and​ harmony to​ a​ room.
for​ the Table
Asian-inspired table settings stand​ out for​ their elegance and​ simplicity .​
Bamboo placemats can be used every day or​ paired with silk table runners to​ bring more formality to​ mealtime .​
Bamboo skin​ candleholders and​ tea lights add to​ the ambiance created by good food and​ great friends .​
Accents for​ the Home
Whether you'd like to​ recover throw pillows on​ your​ couch or​ want to​ accent infuse your​ bedroom with an​ Asian influence, you​ can't go wrong with cushion​ covers .​
Handmade using natural fibers like Thai silk, wool, and​ cotton, you​ can easily slip them over your​ existing pillows or​ slip a​ pillow form into them .​
Another way to​ bring contemporary Asian decor into your​ home is​ through the use of​ silk photo frames .​
Thai silk gives your​ treasured photographs an​ elegant touch, while the fabric patterns easily coordinate with modern home decor .​
Similarly, silk jewelry boxes are like art, in​ that they add a​ touch of​ elegance to​ your​ decor while allowing your​ precious jewelry to​ shine .​
Silk shawls and​ silk scarves can also bring color and​ texture to​ your​ home decor .​
Hand-woven in​ both rough and​ smooth textures, silk shawls and​ scarves come in​ virtually every color and​ finish imaginable .​
Use them to​ drape over nightstands, as​ runners across dressers, and​ over lamps (not too close to​ the bulbs, though!) to​ add elegance and​ a​ touch of​ romance .​
Beyond the Home
While you're shopping for​ silk scarves, you​ may want to​ select silk handbags for​ your​ wardrobe .​
Elegant silk evening bags are the perfect accessory for​ formalwear, while totes and​ backpacks are beautiful and​ functional for​ everyday use .​

Shopping for​ Asian Decor
in​ times past, shopping for​ Asian decor meant traveling to​ exotic locales or​ paying high-end designers to​ discover exquisite pieces .​
Thanks to​ the Internet, though, you​ can shop for​ and​ buy Asian decor directly from Asia-based wholesalers who work on​ behalf of​ an​ artisan who crafts the pieces by hand​ .​
in​ other words, creating a​ home filled with tranquility and​ harmony can be achieved with a​ few clicks of​ your​ mouse.

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