Article Writing

Article Writing

When I learned about article writing as​ a​ way to​ generate web site traffic,​ I was intrigued. Unfortunately,​ it​ took me several hours to​ write that first article for my backpacking web site,​ and another two hours to​ submit it​ to​ several article directories. I still liked the​ idea,​ but it​ seemed like a​ lot of​ work for the​ results. There had to​ be a​ better way.

Today,​ I often write a​ new article in​ less than thirty minutes. Then I submit it​ to​ fourteen article directories in​ about twenty minutes. This means six times as​ much output in​ the​ same time,​ which means six times as​ much traffic generated,​ which means six times as​ much money made for the​ same effort. it​ seems very worthwhile now.

Article Writing Efficiency

First,​ I learned to​ write shorter articles. Attention spans online are short,​ and you want to​ keep the​ reader reading to​ the​ end - where the​ link to​ your site is. You also want the​ article to​ be used on​ other sites,​ and many webmasters won't use long articles. These are two good reasons to​ keep it​ short. of​ course this means less time writing too.

I soon learned to​ identify the​ essential information quickly. in​ fact,​ articles like "Free Web Site Traffic - Seven Ways,​" get right to​ the​ point and are basically a​ list with a​ quick explanation of​ each item. They are easy to​ write quickly,​ and popular with readers.

The next important lesson I learned,​ was to​ keep a​ list of​ article directories on​ a​ file in​ the​ computer. I copy and paste an​ address into the​ browser for quick access to​ any of​ the​ twenty directories on​ my list. the​ addresses go straight to​ the​ submission page,​ or​ the​ login page. Links in​ your "favorites" list would work well too.

The most tedious part of​ the​ article writing process is​ the​ article submission forms. Some directories ask for descriptions,​ others don't. Some allow HTML,​ and others don't. to​ make this part go quickly,​ keep your articles organized in​ a​ Window's Notepad file or​ something similar. Write the​ title,​ then a​ two or​ three sentence description,​ and then a​ list of​ three to​ six keywords that the​ article might be found by. Then write the​ article.

You may find it​ faster to​ have two versions prepared,​ one with HTML tags for things like subtitles and italicizing. Have an​ author's resource box (like the​ one at​ the​ bottom of​ this page) prepared in​ two versions too - one with just the​ full URL of​ your web site,​ and the​ other with an​ active HTML link.

Now you can go quickly to​ the​ directories on​ your list,​ and copy and paste the​ proper elements in​ the​ proper parts of​ the​ form. if​ you have an​ auto-fill function on​ a​ Google or​ other toolbar,​ you can also enter name and e-mail address with a​ click.

Speed is​ the​ result,​ meaning more money for the​ time spent. to​ really make it​ efficient,​ you have to​ have a​ system. You can start with mine. Then look,​ and you'll find even more ways to​ systematize your article writing.

Article Writing

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