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We write and we​ write well. at​ least we​ hope that we​ do. Still,​ we​ writers need our own library of​ “go to” books to​ help us write with strength,​ market our wares,​ and simply to​ inspire us to​ greater works. I’ve compiled a​ brief list of​ useful books for the​ serious article writer’s library. Some I own,​ while others I plan on​ buying.

The Chicago School of​ Style,​ 15th Edition – Considered by English speaking authors as​ “the Bible” of​ proper grammar usage and style,​ this 950 plus page reference book is​ everything you need to​ have on​ hand when you simply are not sure about punctuation,​ grammar,​ spelling,​ etc. Surprisingly,​ the​ book is​ not stuffy as​ it​ allows serious writers some flexibility with the​ rules. if​ you have been writing for some time,​ you know that rules do change. I was shocked when even the​ Chicago School started a​ sentence with “and” in​ it. Oh me,​ oh my!

Guerilla Marketing For Writers -- I am very curious about this title as​ I have seen reference to​ it​ on​ various writers’ web sites. Essentially “Guerilla Marketing” espouses the​ need for writers [particularly book authors] to​ spend as​ much as​ 33% of​ their time marketing. Hmmm…writing in​ and of​ itself is​ so involved. Who has the​ time?

Writer’s Market -- Every year since this reference book was first issued in​ 1921,​ the​ Writer’s Market has served writers in​ finding places where they can submit their work for payment. the​ book lists contact information,​ submission guidelines,​ and tips on​ all the​ who/what/when/where/why of​ the​ “word” industry.

Random House Webster’s Pocket Grammar,​ Usage,​ and Punctuation Guide Okay,​ I admit it. When I don’t feel like lugging the​ “Chicago Style” around,​ this Random House book meets most of​ my needs. 300 power packed pages that will easily fit in​ your laptop carrying case,​ purse,​ or​ suit jacket pocket.

No,​ I rarely use a​ dictionary anymore nor do I rely on​ a​ thesaurus. Everything I need is​ right online or​ part of​ my Word program. I don’t know about you,​ but I am definitely a​ 21st century writer who manages to​ write,​ edit,​ rewrite,​ submit and accomplish a​ multitude of​ related tasks from the​ ease of​ my laptop computer. No pencil and paper for me,​ except when lounging by the​ river or​ down at​ the​ beach. Oh,​ for more of​ those types of​ experiences!

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