Article Writing Your Key To Success

Article Writing Your Key To Success

Have you wasted valuable time and money trying to​ promote your online business? if​ you've spent hard-earned cash buying ads on​ ezines or​ on​ websites,​ you may have been disappointed with the​ results.

There's a​ better way to​ advertise your business or​ website!

Article writing is​ for you if​ you want great benefits that don't cost anything.

By submitting quality articles you'll get lots of​ exposure and publicity -- without a​ financial investment! You've probably realized by now that the​ internet is​ about information,​ so content brings visitors to​ your site. That's a​ no-brainer!

Consider the​ possibilities of​ regularly writing for the​ internet.

Your work may be seen by millions. Articles written today can quickly appear on​ over 100 websites.

Search engines are constantly looking for new content to​ feed content-hungry readers. Why not yours?

By keeping your work before the​ public,​ your website will keep getting new visitors who become buyers. as​ your words are spread all over the​ internet,​ your targeted traffic will increase. That's how to​ reach lots of​ qualified buyers. Previous customers will be motivated to​ become repeat buyers.

By writing regularly,​ you can reach affiliates or​ joint venture partners who can help your sales' potential.

Your articles can be permanently displayed on​ the​ internet.

Your reputation can spread all over the​ internet and beyond. Think of​ the​ reach just one article can have!

Your influence could span the​ globe!

What you've written can show up in​ the​ most surprising places.

1. Your words may wind up on​ on​ a​ number of​ publishers' home pages.

2. You could get featured in​ a​ large ezine with thousands of​ subscribers.

3. Your work could be published in​ a​ book or​ in​ magazines.

4. an​ author may ask to​ use one or​ more of​ your articles in​ an​ e-book and you'll be credited.

5. You may get discovered and earn extra income through speaking engagements.

6. You may be given the​ opportunity to​ speak on​ radio shows.

7. You may even be interviewed for national newspapers.

You may not have to​ wait long before seeing amazing results.

As you submit your work to​ ezines and article directories,​ keep in​ mind that top-ranking sites are crawled by Google more often than other sites. When these sites publish your writing,​ you'll soon see results.

With each article you submit,​ your reputation will grow. After you've submitted twenty or​ so,​ you may become a​ household name -- at​ no charge to​ you!

An author's works are often kept permanently on​ websites,​ so one keyword-rich article can bring thousands of​ hits for years to​ come.

Articles not only build your reputation,​ but are the​ best way to​ raise your search engine ranking.

Reciprocal linking is​ viewed as​ less important to​ Google than one-way linking. if​ numerous sites point to​ your website without you linking back,​ Google rewards you with a​ higher rank.

You get back links automatically by submitting articles and you don't even have to​ bother with link exchanges to​ increase rankings. You also don't have to​ worry about Google's ever-changing algorithm changes that can dump your website several pages down in​ one day.

Your published works prove you're an​ expert -- at​ least in​ the​ eyes of​ readers who view you as​ knowledgeable. You also establish credibility and trust. Your words can create your own brand for your website and business.

The written word has clout,​ so you can clinch your point.
Writing brings personal satisfaction.

There's a​ great sense of​ accomplishment from sharing your expertise with the​ online community.

Real people are sitting behind computers in​ their homes or​ offices reading what you've written. Through the​ right words you can build rapport with them.

You'll probably get emails from time to​ time telling how something you wrote helped someone. And that's satisfying!

So there you have it​ --

Writing articles can open surprising doors to​ success!

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