Article Writing Why Bother

Article Writing Why Bother

There are thousands of​ articles to​ be read on​ the​ World Wide Web,​ and many more are being added everyday. if​ you take the​ time to​ do more than skim them,​ you will find that many articles are about similar things. Why would you take the​ time out of​ your busy schedule to​ add one more? we​ all suffer from information overload- so why add to​ it?
Why should I bother?

Here are some good reasons to​ consider why it​ would be to​ your advantage to​ take up article writing:

1. Expert Status,​

By writing articles in​ your niche area you begin to​ establish your credibility as​ an​ expert in​ that field. When writing your article it​ is​ important to​ include key words in​ the​ article that relate to​ your specific area. This will make it​ easier for the​ search engines to​ link your name to​ your area of​ expertise,​ and your reputation will grow into ‘expert status’

2. Your Articles Are Needed

Webmasters,​ ezine editors,​ and publishers are looking for fresh content to​ publish to​ their subscribers. it​ is​ to​ your advantage that they find you. Then your article will get reproduced all over the​ world,​ and that will increase your exposure and reputation.

3. To Use your Resource Box

The resource box at​ the​ end of​ your article is​ your space to​ “sell” and promote you and your services,​ products,​ and expertise. to​ reprint your article,​ publishers have to​ include the​ resource box. Here is​ your opportunity for FREE advertising and unashamed self promotion.

4. To Gain Traffic to​ Your Website

By including a​ live link back to​ your site in​ the​ resource box your will increase your web traffic to​ your website. This is​ a​ good marketing strategy,​ as​ search engines look for links into your site and it​ will improve your ranking and you will get even more traffic directed your way.

5. Content is​ King
Quality content is​ king on​ the​ internet. the​ more places your articles are found on​ the​ Internet,​ the​ better it​ is​ for you. This is​ because when a​ search for your subject,​ name or​ company is​ done the​ more hits will be found by the​ search engines,​ and you will place closer to​ the​ front of​ the​ listings. (of course there is​ a​ way for your article to​ come up as​ Number One,​ but that is​ a​ topic for another day)

How do You Get Your Article onto the​ Internet,​ and Get Noticed?

There are several ways to​ do this,​ here are four important ways:

1. Publish your article on​ your website. to​ get it​ noticed quickly ,​ you can submit a​ sitemap to​ Google (it’s a​ free service)

2. Register and submit your article to​ free article submission sites such as​ ,​ . There are lots out there- do a​ search for them. You can also sign up to​ several Yahoo groups that focus on​ article writing and submission.

3. Submit to​ a​ service that will submit to​ sites for you. Well known submission services include Isnare,​ Article Marketer,​ Submit Your Article and

4. Buy software that will not only submit articles for you,​ but help with the​ formatting and make them search engine friendly as​ well. if​ you intend to​ write articles frequently this is​ a​ great time saver. I recommend Article Announcer

So What Next ?

Start writing and increase your expert status,​ web traffic,​ and promote your
business product or​ service for free.

Article Writing Why Bother

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