Article Writing The Midas Touch Of Link Strategies

Everyone in​ the​ SEO community is​ aware of​ the​ power of​ having an​ effective link building strategy,​ but since recent updates at​ Google took place the​ playing field has changed.

More emphasis is​ now being given to​ one way incoming links,​ and far less value for reciprocal links. the​ big question is: “How can I get a​ good crop of​ one way links?”

By far the​ easiest way is​ to​ write articles for publication on​ websites. the​ principle is​ simple and it​ works because webmasters are hungry for page content. in​ return for giving webmasters free content they agree to​ publish your profile,​ which contains a​ link to​ your website.

It should not be underestimated just how powerful this can be,​ but there are guidelines that need to​ be employed if​ you are to​ be successful. if​ you are new to​ article writing and wish to​ cash in​ on​ this invaluable technique,​ then the​ guidelines are listed below.

Firstly,​ at​ most of​ the​ article directories to​ which you wish to​ submit your article there will be guidelines,​ read them and comply. Otherwise your article will not be accepted and you are wasting your time.

A requirement of​ all article directories is​ that the​ submitted article should be grammatically correct and spell checked. Many directories use human editors who will reject articles with bad grammar or​ misspelled words. Avoid this by composing your article in​ Word,​ or​ similar,​ with grammar and spell checking turned on.

Keep paragraphs short. Research has shown that people browsing the​ internet are put off by large chunks of​ text. Short paragraphs will attract more webmasters to​ read and possibly publish your article.

Do not include tables or​ lists in​ your articles,​ some directories forbid it. Webmasters will format your article as​ they want it​ anyway. For the​ same reason do not use bold or​ italic.

Make sure you are writing useful informative content,​ otherwise why would anyone want to​ publish it? Also,​ as​ your objective is​ to​ gain links to​ your website,​ write content that is​ related to​ your sites content.

Try to​ make an​ interesting title for your article. Something that clearly states what the​ article is​ about,​ but is​ also distinctive. This separates your article from the​ thousands of​ others on​ the​ same subject.

By publishing articles on​ the​ internet you are establishing yourself as​ an​ expert on​ your chosen subject. Reflect this in​ your profile. Also,​ make sure you include a​ live link in​ your profile. the​ anchor text of​ this link should contain the​ major keywords for the​ page it​ is​ linking to.

Conform to​ these simple rules and you will be successful.

Earlier in​ this article I recommended that you compose your article in​ a​ word processor,​ so that it​ could be grammar and spell checked. However,​ the​ completed article should be copied and pasted into Notepad or​ similar text editor.

The reason for this is​ that if​ you copy from a​ word processor document you will be copying hidden characters that the​ article directories don’t want. Copy to​ a​ text only editor and then make sure that word wrap is​ switched off.

If word wrap is​ switched on​ then the​ article will contain hard line breaks,​ which some directories don’t accept.

Now all you need to​ do is​ find some article directories to​ submit your article to. the​ following link lists many article submission sites: ,​ but is​ by no means comprehensive.

Do a​ search for article directories in​ your search engine of​ choice to​ find many more.
The more you submit to,​ the​ more success you will have.

Good luck and get writing.

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