Article Writing Key Phrase Optimization

Article Writing Key Phrase Optimization

Ok,​ I have to​ review a​ lot of​ articles that are submitted to​ my article directories and those that writers send me as​ samples of​ their work. Those applying for a​ job as​ a​ writer want to​ impress me with their ability to​ optimize the​ sample article I give them for the​ key phrase I assign.

In doing so they send me a​ sample where every sentence begins with the​ key phrase. or​ one sentence ends with the​ key phrase and the​ next sentence begins with the​ same key phrase.

There are a​ lot of​ webmasters buying this type of​ content on​ the​ web. They think that the​ number of​ times the​ key phrase is​ in​ the​ article is​ way more important than the​ actual content and the​ article’s readability.

Because these webmasters BELIEVE they know about SEO and article marketing,​ they request this keyword density as​ if​ it​ is​ the​ most important thing.

Then writers that are new to​ the​ web and who want to​ please their customers do as​ they have been asked to​ do. After all the​ customer is​ paying for it. So give them what they want right?

Wrong. I may be a​ total pain in​ the​ butt,​ but my clients know that when they request something and I don’t agree with it​ because I know it​ won’t help them,​ I speak up and let them know how they could benefit more by doing it​ a​ different way.

Being a​ yes-man is​ not what these clients need. They need someone who spends time to​ learn what does or​ does not work and who will advise them on​ the​ best approach to​ SEO or​ article marketing.

Write the​ article for the​ reader first and SEO second. you will find that you will naturally include that key phrase where it​ is​ appropriate to​ do so. Read it​ over after you finish and see if​ there is​ a​ spot or​ two where you could have added the​ key phrase without the​ article being spammy to​ the​ reader.
It can be done. Our writers do it​ all the​ time for our clients. You can too.

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