Article Writing Easy Or Difficult

Article Writing Easy Or Difficult

I'm going to​ tell you a​ story about a​ man that flunked out of​ school at​ the​ age of​ 16. it​ was so bad at​ school that the​ only A's he got were in​ physical education. When he was in​ junior high he never did any work in​ English because he hated it​ so much. of​ course,​ if​ you don't have good English,​ your reading suffers too.

He didn't like school at​ all. He would hook out of​ school and go to​ work; he was only 13 years old (he looked a​ lot older). He went to​ summer school every year just to​ get through junior high. I think they just pushed him through because he doesn't remember doing anything but showing up.

Why am I telling you this? Because the​ same man that flunked English every year and quit school at​ the​ age of​ 16 is​ a​ successful Internet marketer. And guess what he does. He helps people to​ discover multiple ways to​ quickly create content for websites,​ articles,​ autoresponders and any other type of​ content. And you’re right - it's me.

One day my best friend Lori,​ who is​ also my partner,​ was talking about starting a​ home business. we​ both like to​ travel and we​ wanted our business to​ be portable. we​ came up with this idea of​ working on​ the​ Internet. we​ picked a​ guru program and put everything in​ it​ that we​ could.

In the​ program,​ there was a​ lot of​ reading and writing. I had cold feet right from the​ start. Lori knew that I had problems with reading and writing. My writing was so bad that when I used spell-check I could swear the​ computer was smoking and I was dreading it. Me. of​ all people.

But Lori saw something in​ me and figured a​ way around it. She had me first start just doing some research on​ keywords. I wasn't too bad just checking out some single words or​ phrases. After I did that for awhile then she said that our websites needed to​ be blogged. What the​ heck is​ a​ blog? Did I tell you that the​ only thing I knew about a​ computer was how to​ fly my flight simulator? Not even how to​ write or​ send an​ e-mail. When she mentioned writing a​ blog,​ I didn’t know what to​ think. She told me that she would show me how to​ write just a​ few lines.

I’d write a​ few lines about our different web sites. Every time I wrote a​ blog I would have to​ ask her to​ make sure everything was spelled okay. All day long I would do research on​ keywords and I would try to​ write blogs. Lori would read them and correct my spelling.

Then one day Lori said I should write an​ article about something that I have a​ passion about. She said,​ don't worry about the​ spelling; just write down what you know. I started doing what she asked. I had no idea where she was going with this. When your spelling is​ not good,​ your typing is​ even worse. I think my top speed was about six words a​ minute. it​ took me awhile to​ put things down. But I did what she asked and didn't think about it​ anymore.

One night Lori said,​ Jeff come here I want to​ show you something. You are now a​ published author. I said there is​ no way that I could be a​ published author. Lori edited my so-called articles and submitted them. See you can write,​ she says. My response was,​ you must have rewrote the​ whole article and just put my name on​ it. When I read it,​ it​ was my words but spelled right.

I could not believe what she did. it​ opened my eyes and made me realize that I can write articles and even e-books. My point to​ all this is,​ if​ a​ high school dropout that flunked out of​ English every year can write articles and e-books so can you.

Article Writing Easy Or Difficult

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