Article Writing Can It Help My E Book Sales

Article Writing: Can It Help My E-book Sales?
Question: I​ wrote an​ e-book and I​ have a​ sales page selling it .​
Can I​ use article writing to​ promote my e-book?
Signed,​ Where are the​ Sales?
Dear Where are the​ Sales,​
Absolutely .​
In fact,​ I​ highly recommend it .​
It’s a​ perfect fit .​
Think about it .​
You’ve already got the​ content,​ and you obviously don’t mind writing since you’ve written an​ entire e-book .​
You’re a​ perfect candidate for using article sharing to​ get traffic to​ your website – and sell more e-books in​ the​ process.
If article sharing is​ new to​ you,​ you’ll catch on​ quickly .​
It’s an​ easy process,​ and it’s so effective .​
Here’s all there is​ to​ it.
1 .​
You write an​ article about your topic of​ expertise .​
Or you use a​ section from your e-book and turn it​ into an​ article.
2 .​
Add an​ author resource box at​ the​ end that includes the​ URL to​ your website – where you want the​ website visitors to​ go .​
Ideally this would be the​ sales page for your e-book .​
(See the​ bottom of​ this article for an​ example.)
3 .​
Submit your article to​ article directories .​
These article directories contain thousands of​ free articles that publishers can freely use on​ their websites,​ blogs and in​ their newsletters.
4 .​
Repeat .​
Repeat .​
Every time your article is​ published,​ your author bio will be included,​ giving you exposure for your website.
Now,​ if​ you have an​ affiliate program,​ there’s even more potential .​
If you’re smart,​ you’ll also send the​ articles to​ your affiliates and allow them to​ use the​ articles – and encourage them to​ replace your URL with their affiliate link for your program .​
a​ smart affiliate will grab those articles in​ a​ heartbeat and start publishing them all over the​ web.
I hope you’ll see the​ potential of​ article sharing,​ and embrace it .​
If not,​ you’re really missing out on​ an​ easy way to​ grow your business and generate large amounts of​ traffic to​ your website .​
I​ look forward to​ seeing your articles in​ the​ article directories.

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