Article Writing Can It Help Me Get More Newsletter Subscribers

Question: I’ve got a​ newsletter that just isn’t growing. I’m posting my site on​ free classified ads and I’m paying for advertising,​ but I’m just not seeing results. What can I do?

Signed,​ Nobody Loves Me

Dear Nobody Loves Me,​

Let me start by saying you are not alone. I believe you are working hard. Unfortunately,​ just because you are working hard doesn’t mean you’ll have success. You need to​ also work smart and invest in​ long-term ways to​ grow your list.

Let me tell you about my favorite way to​ grow your list – giving away articles.

If you’re not familiar with using articles as​ a​ marketing method,​ then you’re in​ for a​ big treat. Website owners and blog owners are always looking for content to​ share with their web visitors. So,​ there are places called Article Directories (basically a​ library of​ free articles) where they can go to​ find articles that they can use – free.

All of​ these articles have an​ Author bio at​ the​ end. (See the​ end of​ this article for an​ example.). the​ author bio is​ the​ primo space where the​ authors get to​ talk about their business. Their brag space,​ so to​ speak.

What does any of​ this have to​ do with you? You can write and distribute articles to​ these article directories,​ too. And,​ in​ your author bio,​ instead of​ linking directly to​ your main page of​ your site,​ you can link to​ a​ page where you have a​ signup box for your newsletter. Voila. Everyone who clicks through that link will be taken to​ the​ page where you can offer them your wonderful newsletter (with a​ great incentive they can’t pass up.) of​ course your page will lure them into signing up and your newsletter list will grow.

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