Article Writing 101

Article Writing 101

One of​ the​ best ways to​ launch your home business to​ the​ next level is​ through article writing. This concept has proven to​ be one of​ the​ most effective viral marketing techniques for developing your work from home business. You submit your composition to​ the​ internet through E-zines,​ article directories,​ article sites,​ E-mail groups,​ distribution lists and article announcement lists. These sites are visited by thousands of​ people on​ a​ daily basis. the​ potential for your internet business success is​ enhanced with every article that you write and submit.

Unfortunately,​ many people do not think that they can write an​ effective article. This could not be further from the​ truth. Your ideas,​ your experiences and your insights can be shared with your potential readers. Your features can not only be interesting,​ but you might communicate an​ idea that could change your audience. There is​ something in​ your life that is​ worth writing about. You need to​ coax your insights out of​ your head and unto a​ piece of​ paper.

There are four concepts that can help you get started:

--- Choose a​ Topic
--- Create an​ Outline
--- Use Good Tools
--- Write

1) Choose a​ Topic

Before you begin,​ you need to​ find a​ quiet place where you can eliminate your distractions and focus your concentration. Get a​ pen and a​ piece of​ paper and make five columns. Put these headings at​ the​ top of​ each section:

Experiences – Knowledge – Interests – Expert – Passionate

You need to​ put your grey matter to​ work and let your thinking processes flow. Under each heading list four to​ five ideas that apply to​ that section. What are your experiences? What are you knowledgeable about? What are your interests? What are you an​ expert on? What are you passions?

Writing these ideas on​ a​ piece of​ paper will get your creative “juices flowing”. After you are done brainstorming,​ choose the​ topic that you will write about. Do not throw this list away! You have some potential articles for the​ future.

2) Create an​ Outline

Do you remember the​ 4th grade when you were taught how to​ write your first composition? Do you remember the​ guidelines? Those principles are the​ same today as​ they were back then:

Create an​ introduction,​ develop a​ main body and a​ write a​ conclusion.

a) Introduction

Now that you have your topic,​ tell your readers what to​ expect. This is​ your introduction. But,​ you do not want to​ write it​ yet. You will be preparing your audience to​ read your composition and you want to​ arouse their interest. the​ main body of​ your article will help you focus on​ the​ ideas you want to​ present in​ your introduction. the​ goal of​ your introduction is​ to​ grab the​ attention of​ your listeners so they will want to​ continue reading.

b) Main Body

Your topic is​ the​ compass for the​ major points that you want to​ communicate with your article. Write down the​ main ideas that you want to​ convey to​ your audience on​ a​ piece of​ paper. Consider at​ least 3-5 major points that you want to​ deliver with your feature. Write a​ brief sentence that describes what you want to​ say next to​ each major point. Writing your article is​ simply a​ matter of​ elaborating on​ each point with about 3-5 sentences.

After you have created your main body,​ go back and write your introduction. Take the​ short sentences that you created and tie them together in​ an​ opening paragraph. Give your readers a​ taste of​ what to​ expect in​ your article. Make your introduction interesting. Remember,​ you want to​ elevate the​ attention of​ your audience.

c) Conclusion

Your conclusion is​ a​ recap of​ your article. This is​ your last opportunity to​ reinforce your main points and create a​ meaningful impact on​ your audience. Reread your introduction and your main body. This will help you to​ focus on​ encouraging the​ readers with your final thoughts.

3) Use Good Tools

The essential tools for creating your articles are a​ good dictionary,​ a​ good thesaurus and a​ good word processor. These are the​ basics that will get you started towards developing your features. if​ you have not written for awhile,​ you will need to​ review grammar,​ syntax and punctuation rules. the​ internet can provide you with a​ wealth of​ information for rebuilding your writing skills

4) Write

After you create your outline,​ put pen to​ paper (or finger tip to​ keyboard) and start. This is​ a​ very important concept. Do not listen to​ that inner voice that is​ working against you. You can write but you must begin and your outline is​ your guide. Use it​ and refer to​ it​ regularly. This will prevent you from bogging down and giving up. Here are other ideas to​ consider:

a) Start writing immediately after you finish your outline.
b) Don’t get frustrated. Your creativity will come.
c) Express your ideas freely without concern for appearance.
d) Reread and rewrite.
e) Use your tools.
f) Check spelling,​ grammar and punctuation (yourself and with your word processor).
g) Proofread your article several times.
h) Take a​ break,​ come back and reread your article.
i) Fine tune if​ necessary.

Writing and submitting articles could propel your home business to​ the​ next level. Don’t be intimidated if​ you have not written for awhile. the​ key is​ to​ communicate in​ your own voice with a​ willingness to​ share helpful ideas with your readers. if​ this is​ your motivation,​ you will become an​ effective writer. Consider these ideas as​ you journey towards your home business success.

“Do the​ thing you fear,​ and the​ death of​ fear is​ certain.”

Article Writing 101

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