Article Marketing Is Part Of Any Good SEO Strategy

SEO,​ or​ search engine optimization,​ is​ a​ term that covers a​ lot of​ ground. it​ involves link building strategies,​ branding,​ blogging,​ onsite optimization,​ ppc,​ and much more.

Under link building and branding,​ article marketing comes into play. you​ can write articles or​ have them written for you​ by a​ ghostwriter. Once you​ have the​ article content,​ you​ can submit them to​ thousands of​ article directories.

Many people think article marketing stops there. it​ doesn't. Article directories that accept and reprint your articles are not where your link popularity comes from.

These article directories provide free content to​ webmasters and bloggers for their website. When these people use your article,​ the​ links in​ your author bio section lead to​ your website. the​ websites or​ blogs they are reprinted on​ are ususlly going to​ be relevant to​ your website and the​ links from there are valuable in​ most cases.

That is​ where good link popularity comes from article marketing. This also means that your articles need to​ be something someone would want to​ post on​ their website. That means that all the​ garbage articles that contain bad grammar and are just stuffed with keywords have absolutely no value at​ all.

You can go to​ a​ freelance website and find people who say they will write seo articles for you​ for $5,​ $3,​ and even $1.50 per article. They usually live someplace where a​ dollar goes a​ long way and they know nothing about article writing or​ article marketing whatsoever.

The articles they write for you​ are worth nothing. Whatever you​ paid for them is​ money thrown away. the​ links you​ get from article directories are not going to​ help you. Article Directories are not there to​ give you​ link popularity. They are there to​ provide good quality free content to​ webmasters and bloggers who need reprint material.

Webmasters and Bloggers are not going to​ reprint garbage articles on​ their website.

You have to​ pay more for quality content. That is​ the​ bottom line. Article Marketing,​ when done correctly can get you​ a​ lot of​ traffic and help you​ build link popularity. Done improperly,​ it's a​ waste of​ your time and money.

One well-written,​ informative article can bring you​ more traffic and link popularity than 100 garbage articles.

In addition to​ the​ benefits of​ having a​ professional write the​ articles for you​ is​ that the​ content might get picked up by websites with a​ high Google page rank and websites with a​ lot of​ targeted traffic.

People will read a​ good article all the​ way to​ the​ bottom where your links are and click on​ those links. They will stop reading a​ garbage article before they even see your links at​ the​ bottom.

Think of​ your own reading habits. Do you​ finish an​ article that is​ poorly written or​ one that bores you​ to​ tears? of​ course not and neither will your potential customers.

And article marketing can help you​ with branding your name or​ your company name. People want to​ deal with people they perceive as​ an​ expert in​ their field. By having quality articles with your byline and company name in​ them that can be found through searches for your name helps build your reputation as​ an​ expert.

Hiring a​ professional ghostwriter is​ the​ key to​ getting quality articles that will bring you​ more traffic,​ help build your brand,​ and help you​ build link popularity.

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