Art Of Essay Writing

I love essays! I enjoy reading them,​ checking them,​ teaching my students how to​ generate them,​ but most of​ all I enjoy writing them! You want to​ ask why. I hope after reading my article you will understand. And I so much believe that you will also fall in​ love with the​ incredible world of​ essays. Let’s start our trip from a​ short background. the​ word “essay” originated from French word “essai” which means “attempt,​ effort,​ sketch”. And this translation reflects the​ essence of​ the​ task you are assigned at​ your college. Really,​ it​ is​ your personal attempt to​ give a​ challenging sketch on​ some engrossing issue. Unlike other academic assignments,​ essay suggests freedom of​ your creative work. Its main advantage is​ that you can write it​ on​ any topic,​ in​ any style. Essay is​ your own point of​ view on​ something you have heard,​ read,​ seen etc. the​ forefront of​ the​ essay is​ your personality,​ your thoughts,​ feelings and your life position. You have a​ unique chance to​ enter a​ reasonable controversy with other authors,​ as​ the​ teacher expects you to​ show your erudition in​ the​ subject. However,​ you should remember that regardless freedom of​ the​ writing process,​ it​ is​ not that easy at​ all. Because you are expected to​ find an​ original and capturing idea (even in​ the​ traditional context) and exceptional opinion on​ some problem.

The title of​ essay does not strictly depend on​ the​ essay topic: the​ title can also serve as​ a​ starting point in​ your reflection; it​ can express the​ relation of​ the​ whole and the​ parts. a​ free composition of​ essay is​ subject to​ its inner logic,​ it​ is​ an​ emphasized position of​ the​ author. the​ style of​ the​ essay is​ marked by its aphoristic,​ paradoxical and figurative character. to​ convey your personal perception of​ the​ world you should: employ a​ lot of​ capturing examples,​ draw parallels,​ choose analogies,​ use various associations. One of​ the​ characteristic features of​ essay is​ the​ wide usage of​ numerous expressive means,​ such as​ metaphors,​ parable and allegoric figures,​ symbols and comparisons. Your can enrich and make your essay more interesting if​ you include in​ it: unpredictable conclusions,​ unexpected turning points,​ interesting clutches of​ events.Essay presents a​ dynamic interchange of​ author’s arguments,​ supporting evidence and questions.

Be brief,​ but at​ the​ same time avoid absolute simplicity. No one will like reading a​ monotonous narration. Completing the​ draft of​ your essay,​ read it​ aloud,​ yes,​ aloud. You will be struck by the​ number of​ rough details in​ your essay. You should get rid of​ them with no regret. if​ you have to​ say something new,​ original and exclusive,​ then the​ genre of​ essay is​ your genre. Be creative,​ free your mind and may be you will reveal a​ great essayist in​ yourself.

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