Art Marketing Tips Launch A Successful Business Selling Your Art Or Crafts

Art Marketing Tips - Launch a​ successful business selling your art or​ crafts
Define your goals and get organized - What are your goals as​ an​ artist? Do you​ hope and dream to​ one day have your artwork displayed in​ a​ museum or​ do you​ just want to​ sell enough of​ your art to​ make a​ good living? Defining your goals is​ an​ important first step toward your success as​ an​ artist .​
Realize your long-term goal and then set reasonable and attainable short-term goals .​
Build your confidence - you​ need to​ believe in​ yourself and your artwork .​
If not,​ your marketing efforts will be less effective as​ the​ fear of​ rejection will hold you​ back .​
You have to​ learn to​ take risks .​
No one is​ going to​ come knocking at​ your studio door .​
Get out there and meet new people,​ network with other artists,​ open a​ booth at​ an​ art show,​ etc.
Get in​ a​ business mentality – If you​ want to​ be successful with your art business,​ then you​ will have to​ learn how to​ juggle more than one task .​
This means learning how to​ become successful as​ a​ businessperson .​
The artists that are most successful have learned how to​ enjoy both creating and marketing their art.
Art fairs – Art fairs open up great doors of​ opportunity for artists .​
They enable artists to​ market directly to​ the​ public without the​ need of​ an​ agent .​
The public loves art fairs .​
They usually come to​ these art fairs with the​ intention to​ purchase something,​ which creates more opportunity for an​ artist to​ make a​ sale and get recognized .​
You can find a​ wealth of​ information about art fairs online .​
One such place is​ .​
Sunshine Artist is​ a​ great magazine that provides detailed information about art fairs and festivals .​
Check it​ out!
Follow up – you​ must get into the​ habit of​ following up with anyone who has shown interest or​ has appreciated your art .​
That person who saw your painting in​ the​ doctors office,​ or​ the​ person who took your business card at​ your last art show are leads who can possibly turn into paying customers .​
They may also be able to​ help you​ in​ other ways you​ never thought possible .​
It’s important therefore to​ keep in​ touch with everyone .​
Create a​ mailing list and ask your contacts if​ they would like to​ be added .​
You can send out mailers whenever you​ create a​ new piece,​ or​ to​ notify your contacts of​ upcoming exhibits or​ art fairs you​ will be attending.
Customer service – you​ must go above and beyond your customer’s expectations if​ you​ want to​ set yourself apart from the​ competition .​
Make sure you​ treat your customers and leads with the​ utmost professionalism .​
Answer all inquiries promptly .​
Send out thank you​ notes and instructions for preserving and caring for the​ art with all of​ your orders .​
Customer service is​ important to​ all businesses,​ and your art business should be no exception.
Artist agents - you​ are your own best agent .​
No one knows your art better then you,​ and no one can express yourself and your art better than you​ can .​
An agent generally deals with more than one artist at​ a​ time so their focus is​ not on​ you​ and your art alone .​
Agents usually charge a​ lot of​ money as​ well .​
By the​ time it’s all said and done,​ the​ artist doesn’t make very much on​ the​ sale .​
It’s better to​ learn the​ ropes yourself and learn how to​ reach your buyers directly.
Get your own unique website - the​ Internet has become a​ huge platform for selling goods and services .​
More and more people are going online then ever before and artists are taking advantage of​ this amazing opportunity .​
If you​ want to​ expand your business and reach more people on​ a​ worldwide scale,​ you​ should definitely consider getting your own website .​
You can market and sell your artwork directly online with your own website .​
Your website is​ also a​ great way to​ organize and showcase your art to​ interested galleries and the​ people you​ meet in​ public.

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