Animated Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Let's face it​ – even during Christmas – that most special time of​ the year – we still want to​ look good and​ keep up with the neighbors .​
With the amount of​ time and​ money that people spend on​ outdoor Christmas lighting and​ holiday decorations, this​ can be kind of​ hard to​ do .​
I​ was surprised to​ find out that many of​ my neighbors start planning their lighted outdoor Christmas decorations months ahead of​ time .​
Gone are the days when it​ was as​ simple as​ running a​ string of​ lights along the roof​ and​ making a​ snowman in​ the front yard .​
Nowadays, if​ you​ don't spend weeks decorating, it​ looks like you​ have put in​ almost no effort at​ all!
Fortunately, for​ those of​ us that are short on​ time, there are some great shortcuts to​ Christmas decorating .​
The very best one, in​ my opinion, is​ using animated outdoor Christmas decorations .​
I​ first discovered them a​ few years ago when one of​ my friends was putting up his Christmas light display .​
I​ was surprised to​ see him covering his lawn with silhouettes made of​ stiff wire .​
When I​ asked him about it, he told me to​ wait .​
He was proud of​ the work that he had put in​ to​ the animated outdoor Christmas decorations, and​ wanted to​ show me the finished product instead of​ simply explaining it​ to​ me.
Let me tell you, it​ was really worth the wait! The effect was absolutely stunning .​
The animated outdoor Christmas decoration​ was actually a​ moving animation​ of​ Santa Claus driving his reindeer .​
They would move across the lawn, Santa raising his whip to​ spur the beasts into action​ as​ they leapt dramatically on​ .​
It was classic and​ high-tech at​ the same time .​
It was, in​ short, just what I​ was looking for​ in​ my Christmas decor.
of​ course, animated outdoor Christmas decorations come in​ many different styles .​
I​ prefer the look of​ animated wire, but some people like to​ go a​ lot further than that .​
I​ have a​ neighbor who actually has an​ electric powered carousel with reindeer moving around inside of​ it .​
It is​ not something that you​ can ride, of​ course, but it​ does make quite an​ impression​ .​
The whole thing flashes and​ glows with red and​ green lights and​ can even be programmed to​ play Christmas carols .​
When it​ comes to​ animated outdoor Christmas decorations, the sky really is​ the limit.

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