An Indispensable Writing Tool

An Indispensable Writing Tool

A small but indispensable tool if​ you're serious about writing is​ a​ notebook; I mean the​ paper kind and not the​ computer. Yes,​ that's right,​ a​ notebook. it​ should be carried around whenever you leave your home or​ office. Here's why:

1. You just don't know when an​ idea will strike. Unless you have a​ photographic memory,​ you'd want to​ write down that idea immediately so you may study it​ at​ a​ later time. Ideas often come when you are aware of​ the​ sights and sounds around you.

2. It's better to​ write down experiences as​ much as​ possible in​ real time then try to​ relive and write about it​ later. For example a​ first-time visit to​ a​ park or​ rain forest can produce emotions or​ feelings that would be difficult to​ duplicate in​ writing if​ recalled by memory when it's long over.

3. You might meet an​ important or​ exciting personality whom you'd like to​ quote verbatim. to​ write about it​ later out of​ memory might cause you to​ misquote the​ person,​ which will render your article false. What's worse is​ that you might draw the​ ire of​ the​ person misquoted.

4. When you have a​ chosen subject matter,​ it​ helps very much to​ collect information. an​ article with lots of​ information endears you to​ readers,​ especially those who go to​ the​ Internet for information. Jotting down as​ much information you can get will also give you fodder for more future articles. Information will also generate those all-imortant ideas.

Of course,​ it​ goes without saying,​ that carrying a​ notebook will entail carrying that other indispensable tool,​ a​ pen (or pencil). Carrying these are unobtrusive,​ lightweight and can easily be retrieved and used.

They may seem old-fashioned,​ but they work nonetheless.

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