An Expatriate's Journey Of Self Discovery

Expatriate years offer a​ wonderful time and​ opportunity to​ reinvent oneself. as​ an​ expatriate you​ want to​ hold onto those parts of​ you​ that you​ love and​ that work for​ you, no matter where you​ are. But while you​ trail around the world, you​ have the very good fortune to​ pick up new skills and/or explore hidden ones to​ add to​ the tapestry of​ your​ life.

Yes, it​ is​ true that as​ an​ expatriate you​ do miss your​ home, friends, family, and​ the sense of​ community and​ security you​ had before relocating abroad. Traditions that have been part of​ your​ life for​ so long have to​ take the backseat to​ new conventions and​ customs. The "norms" back home are not always quite that current in​ one's new host country.

in​ South Africa I am one of​ the crowd, in​ the USA I was the girl with the accent, in​ Israel I was considered naïve, in​ the UK I was mistaken for​ an​ "Aussie" and​ in​ Korea I, like many other foreigners get a​ small taste of​ what life must be like to​ live life as​ a​ celebrity - always get pointed or​ stared at​ just for​ having eyelids, having a​ western nose and​ for​ merely being a​ foreigner.

When I started my life as​ an​ expat I had no idea that I could be perceived so distinctly by different cultures. it​ also does not take you​ long to​ discover that the measures for​ acceptance back home are quite different elsewhere and​ so we get to​ reinvent ourselves. Depending on​ your​ outlook this​ could be an​ adventure and​ journey of​ a​ lifetime- discovering all the aspects of​ the whole person​ that you​ are.

Yes, expatriate life may be accompanied with many trials and​ tribulations, but it​ is​ not without an​ equal amount of​ plusses, happiness and​ living a​ life that is​ anything but ordinary.

you​ may want to​ use the time to​ take stock of​ who you​ are and​ who you​ want to​ be. Here are some questions to​ ask of​ yourself. Some of​ the questions may be ones you​ already know the answer to, others not.

* How do people see me?
* What image do I project?
* Do I hide behind an​ unexceptionable persona to​ avoid unnerving others?
* Do I walk away from the passions of​ my life to​ suit someone else's?
* Do I dress to​ please others, save money or​ to​ fit into the crowd?
* Have I wanted to​ go blonde, but am nervous of​ the criticism?
* Am I fearful of​ looking too sexy?
* Am I living in​ a​ style that is​ acceptable to​ me?

if​ you​ have reflected on​ these questions in​ the past, these are questions that are due to​ resurface while living abroad. There is​ no better opportunity to​ address them because it​ is​ a​ particular point in​ your​ life when you​ can leave the restrictions encouraged and​ accepted within​ your​ society behind.

in​ a​ nutshell your​ expatriate years could be your​ destiny. Put yourself first and​ not do not settle for​ anything less than your​ life has to​ offer.
Quote of​ The Week

"After all these years, I am still involved in​ the process of​ self-discovery. It's better to​ explore life and​ make mistakes than to​ play it​ safe. Mistakes are part of​ the dues one pays for​ a​ full life." Sophia Loren

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