An Article Writing Philosophy Do You Have One

Thousands of​ articles about writing articles are bouncing all over the​ internet and the​ printed media at​ any given time. Most of​ these articles are tips and advice,​ a​ few are about grammar and clarity and yet others are about subject matter and how to​ find it. a​ philosophy for writing articles is​ none of​ the​ above.

Simply put an​ article writing philosophy is​ not about how you write but why. Although it​ is​ acceptable to​ write articles for publicity or​ hits to​ your website it​ is​ not the​ strongest motive. Then there are those who write by researching the​ most sought after keywords on​ the​ net and write articles that lead people to​ those words,​ thus to​ their sites. This also qualifies as​ a​ reason to​ write but only in​ the​ most strained sense of​ the​ word.

Writers are somewhat like preachers,​ they have a​ soap box called the​ printed page and they have a​ message just like the​ minister,​ even if​ the​ subject matter is​ not homiletically inclined. as​ a​ young preacher I overheard someone say that “young preachers just have to​ say something,​ but older preachers may actually have something to​ say.” the​ first step in​ developing a​ writing philosophy is​ to​ ask your self this question…do I have something to​ say?

Professional people can quickly answer yes to​ the​ question of​ whether they have something to​ say. Years of​ study,​ training and experience put them ahead of​ others and all they may lack is​ just a​ bit of​ priming to​ know how to​ convey their knowledge by the​ written word. For those who are not professionals the​ next question should be “how do you see.” Some people are naturally endowed with a​ good eye. They don’t need to​ be politicians to​ have a​ good grasp of​ politics. They can predict,​ criticize,​ evaluate and comment on​ the​ whole sphere with great clarity and in​ some cases may affect the​ outcome of​ politics in​ some way. They weigh in​ so to​ speak on​ the​ subject. in​ case you think that isn’t so check out the​ vast opportunities for op-eds (opinion editorials) on​ the​ internet today. Thousands of​ political right and left wing sites are looking for people with good political vision. in​ this “of the​ people” society John Q Public is​ still sought for his view of​ political figures and things done in​ the​ political theatre.

Having a​ good “minds eye” applies to​ any field of​ interest whatsoever. Technicians put together complex electronic and telemetering devices in​ spacecraft but some people are weighing the​ result of​ all that space hardware on​ people,​ the​ environment or​ the​ future of​ man and their insight may be just as​ needed as​ the​ tiniest circuit board any techie can produce.

The motivation for writing an​ article may only be to​ provide information; at​ other times it​ may be to​ provide inspiration. Even anger could qualify as​ a​ good motive if​ you are particularly incensed over some injustice or​ bad behavior. it​ may sound all to​ rudimentary or​ perhaps old fashioned to​ say that if​ you are seeking a​ higher good to​ be done through your writing then you will always succeed. Sound corny? Think again. No one will ever reject an​ article that attempts to​ right a​ wrong,​ lift people up or​ provide a​ little light and comfort in​ a​ troubled world. if​ that is​ your motive then that is​ your philosophy. Good writing.

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