An All Around Yoga Exercise 12 Step Salute To The Sun

An All Around Yoga Exercise 12 Step Salute To The Sun

One of​ the​ all-around yoga exercises is​ the​ 12-step salute to​ the​ sun. Do it​ once or​ twice when you get up in​ the​ morning to​ help relieve stiffness and invigorate the​ body. Multiple repetitions at​ night will help you to​ relax; insomniacs often find that six to​ 12 rounds help them fall asleep.

1. Stand with your feet slightly apart,​ palms together,​ thumbs against your chest

2. Inhale deeply while slowly raising your hands over your head,​ and bend back as​ far as​ possible,​ while tightening your buttocks. Hold for three seconds.

3. Slowly exhale and bend forward,​ keeping your knees straight,​ until your fingers touch the​ floor outside your feet. (If you can't touch the​ floor,​ go as​ close as​ you can.) Bring your head in​ toward your knees.

4. Slowly inhale,​ bend your knees,​ and if​ your fingertips aren't outside your feet on​ the​ floor,​ place them there. Slide your right foot back as​ far as​ you can go,​ with the​ right knee an​ inch or​ so off the​ floor,​ (a lunge position). Now look up as​ high as​ possible,​ arching your back.

5. Before exhaling again,​ slide your left foot back until it​ is​ beside the​ right one,​ and with your weight supported on​ your palms and toes,​ straighten both legs so that your body forms a​ flat plane. Make sure your stomach is​ pulled in.

6. Slowly exhale,​ bend both knees to​ the​ floor,​ bend with your hips in​ the​ air,​ lower your chest and forehead to​ the​ floor.

7. Now inhale slowly and look up,​ bending your head back,​ then raising it,​ followed by your upper chest,​ then lower chest. Your lower body - from the​ navel down - should be on​ the​ floor,​ and your elbows should be slightly bent. Hold for three to​ five seconds.

8. Exhale slowly and raise your hips until your feet and palms are flat on​ the​ floor and your arms and legs are straight in​ an​ inverted V position.

9. Inhale slowly and bring your right foot forward as​ in​ position 4. the​ foot should be flat on​ the​ floor between your fingertips. the​ left leg should be almost straight behind you,​ with its knee slightly off the​ floor. Raise your head,​ look up,​ and arch your back.

10. Slowly exhale and bring your left foot forward next to​ your right one. Straighten your legs and stand,​ trying to​ keep your fingertips on​ the​ floor,​ and try to​ touch your head to​ your knees as​ in​ position 3.

11. Slowly inhale,​ raise your arms up and stretch back as​ in​ position 2. Don't forget to​ tighten your buttocks. Hold for three seconds.

12. Slowly exhale,​ lowering your arms to​ your sides. Relax. Repeat the​ series.

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