All About Freelance Writing

Do you love to​ write? Do you have a​ knack for making words come alive on​ a​ page? You may want to​ consider freelance writing as​ a​ way to​ make a​ good living from home.

Freelance writers write anything from newspaper columns to​ web content and even ebooks.

Getting Started

Before you go looking for freelance jobs,​ you should build up a​ portfolio of​ articles. You can write for your own website or​ blog,​ offer to​ write free articles for friends,​ or​ contact your local paper about writing a​ column for them. Work on​ some articles that you can use as​ samples of​ your work and build a​ list of​ references for your potential clients to​ contact.

Where to​ Find Work

The next step will be finding potential clients. You can visit some of​ the​ big freelance sites like elance and bid on​ projects. it​ is​ also a​ good idea to​ set up a​ website that showcases some of​ your writing,​ tells a​ little about you and your area of​ expertise,​ and of​ course you will have your contact information on​ the​ site. You may also want to​ consider adding a​ blog to​ your site. It’s an​ easy way to​ add articles,​ short tips and any other writings to​ your site on​ an​ ongoing basis.

Networking is​ another great way to​ find work. Think about friends,​ former colleagues,​ bosses and clients that would be interested in​ having some writing done and call them up. as​ you start building your own client base,​ ask for referrals. Do you know someone that successfully freelances now? Ask them for advice on​ getting started and spend some time with them. They may refer clients to​ you that they don’t have time for. Do the​ same for other freelancers if​ you are contacted with a​ project you can’t handle.

Many magazines will accept freelance work. Keep a​ spreadsheet with names and addresses of​ the​ editors of​ the​ various publications and pitch story ideas on​ a​ regular basis. it​ can be tough to​ get a​ foot in​ the​ door with magazines,​ but once you start getting published it​ will become easier and in​ many cases more lucrative.

Getting Paid

How much you will get paid will largely depend on​ the​ size of​ the​ project and how involved it​ is. Short articles on​ general topics that don’t require research may pay as​ little as​ $5.00 a​ piece while doing research for and writing an​ ebook may bring you several hundred dollars.

If you love writing about a​ variety of​ topics,​ I encourage you to​ give freelance writing a​ try. It’s a​ great way to​ do what you love and stay home with the​ kids at​ the​ same time. the​ main key to​ becoming a​ successful freelance writer is​ to​ practice writing all the​ time,​ whether you get paid for it​ or​ not. Just get out a​ pen and paper,​ or​ open you favorite text editor and start writing.

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