Additional Methods Of Getting Articles Without Writing

There are several ways to​ producing articles without having to​ write them yourself. Using a​ ghostwriter is​ one way,​ using private label rights articles you have bought is​ another option and doing an​ expert interview is​ yet a​ third way to​ compile article information.

Borrowing another writer's article for use is​ yet another way to​ provide content for readers. Give the​ original author credit within the​ body of​ your article and fill in​ the​ rest with quotes from that author's article.

This is​ a​ can't lose situation for everyone. You don't need to​ do the​ writing of​ your article,​ the​ writer who wrote the​ original article gets free publicity,​ and the​ reader gets the​ information that they want or​ need. Everybody wins.

Using public domain articles that are related to​ your subject is​ yet another way. Permission from the​ author to​ use their work isn't necessary,​ but letting your reader know where the​ content originated will keep their trust. Don't try to​ pass the​ words off as​ your own.

Use survey results from a​ self-conducted survey as​ an​ article. This does mean you'll have to​ write a​ little,​ but compiling the​ results and turning it​ into a​ fast article isn't very hard or​ time-consuming. You can create surveys through Survey Monkey at​ .

Use government provided information. Articles written by United States Government Authors are automatically in​ the​ public domain. the​ government is​ a​ prolific writer - on​ a​ wide variety of​ topics. Visit any United States Government website,​ and you will be greatly surprised with the​ amount of​ information that is​ free for the​ taking.

As you have seen,​ providing quality articles without writing a​ single word,​ or​ with just a​ bit of​ writing is​ possible. the​ information and means is​ there,​ use them.

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