Adding Style To Your Room With A Decorative Chess Set

Adding Style To Your Room With A Decorative Chess Set

When you​ think of​ a​ chess set, chances are you​ think of​ an​ old wooden board with plain​ pieces that those strange guys in​ college played with into the wee hours of​ the morning. and​ while there can be no argument that chess is​ certainly a​ great way to​ pass the time, there is​ a​ use for​ chess that you​ may not have thought of​ - decorating.

But why would you​ want to​ decorate a​ room with a​ game? Well, chances are you​ won’t be basing the entire room design around the set, but you​ should consider adding a​ decorative set to​ accent your​ current design. It’s time to​ let go of​ the notion​ of​ chess being simply a​ game, and​ start thinking of​ it​ as​ a​ decorating tool.

of​ course, you​ can’t really justify decorating with an​ old musty board and​ cheap wooden pieces, can you? this​ is​ where you​ need to​ start thinking of​ a​ chess set as​ décor and​ not a​ hobby - a​ nice chess board and​ pieces (and​ possibly table) are going to​ run you​ a​ good bit of​ cash, and​ thinking of​ it​ as​ a​ hobby or​ game is​ going to​ make it​ that much more difficult to​ buy. But, if​ you​ start to​ consider it​ as​ an​ ornamental piece, then it​ becomes much more justifiable. After all, how much will you​ spend on​ a​ custom framed picture, or​ an​ ornate coffee table? They both qualify as​ decorations, but consider that nearly everyone has these - how many times have you​ seen an​ intricately carved chess set in​ someone’s house?

The benefits of​ having a​ chess set as​ a​ decoration​ are numerous. it​ can instantly add a​ touch of​ class and​ sophistication​ to​ your​ room. Most people think of​ intelligence and​ refinement when they think of​ a​ nice looking marble chess set. it​ also provides a​ great conversation​ starter, since most people won’t be used to​ seeing a​ hand​ crafted chess table with carved pieces. and​ finally, consider passing on​ an​ antique chess set as​ an​ heirloom to​ your​ children - a​ well made set will last many, many years.

So the next time you​ redo a​ room, consider adding a​ decorative chess set and​ table as​ one of​ your​ pieces. You’ll add an​ instant conversation​ piece, and​ your​ room will look more refined and​ classy no matter what your​ decorating scheme.

Adding Style To Your Room With A Decorative Chess Set

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