About Yoga

About Yoga
Yoga is​ a​ system of​ philosophy that originated in​ India 5000 years ago that is​ focused on​ the​ attainment of​ enlightenment and​ the​ liberation of​ one’s self from those burdens that can have negative effects on​ the​ mind,​ body,​ and​ spirit. ​
The practice of​ yoga was brought to​ the​ Western countries,​ like the​ United States,​ after it​ gained popularity because of​ the​ many touted benefits. ​
However,​ most teachers of​ the​ philosophy place the​ most emphasis on​ the​ physical poses and​ less on​ the​ meditation aspect. ​
Yoga and​ Pilates have both become very popular additions to​ the​ fitness routines of​ many people around the​ world,​ and​ for good reason,​ which is​ why people are learning about yoga and​ its many benefits for the​ mind and​ body.
To find a​ comprehensive introduction to​ yoga basics,​ including a​ glossary of​ yoga terms and​ an introduction to​ popular types of​ yoga and​ basic poses visit www.yoga.about.com. ​
There is​ a​ also a​ number of​ other sites that feature a​ compilation of​ essays and​ articles about yoga including information about yoga,​ exercise,​ mindbody workouts,​ healthy eating,​ and​ exercise tips. ​
Learn about yoga from a​ beginner’s perspective about meditation,​ yoga cleansing methods,​ pregnancy yoga,​ and​ other yoga techniques to​ improve your health at ​ www.healthandyoga.com. ​
The first impression many people have about yoga,​ is​ that in​ order to​ practice it,​ one must contort their body into impossible uncomfortable positions,​ but this simply isn’t true. ​
Yoga focuses on​ the​ breath with each posture,​ which is​ an essential component of​ the​ healing applications of​ yoga,​ and​ yoga as​ an alternative therapy. ​

To learn more about yoga,​ from its origin to​ how to​ benefit from it,​ visit www.hinduism.about.com. ​
Beginners can also find a​ wealth of​ yoga information such as​ frequently asked questions and​ answers about yoga practice,​ including the​ mysterious chakras,​ or​ primary energy centers in​ the​ body,​ and​ what yoga postures activate them at ​ www.yogabasics.com. ​
In addition to​ yoga exercises for body and​ mind,​ many online retailers like www.yoga.com,​ carry products for yoga,​ massage,​ homeopathic medicine,​ meditation,​ and​ exercise,​ as​ well as​ demonstrations of​ stretches and​ strategies to​ help you strike the​ perfect pose. ​
The benefits of​ yoga are many,​ and​ if ​ you haven’t tried it​ already,​ you owe it​ to​ yourself to​ liberate your soul and​ reach the​ next level of​ enlightenment,​ physically,​ mentally,​ and​ spiritually. ​
Anyone can do yoga,​ at ​ any age,​ and​ in​ most any physical condition. ​
Vinyasa move with the​ breath. ​

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