About Writing Just Get Started

About Writing Just Get Started

I rarely suffer from what writer’s complain about the​ most and that is: writer’s block. Oh,​ sure,​ if​ I must write on​ a​ subject that I am not familiar with,​ then a​ certain amount of​ trepidation and the​ occasional blankness will set in. Still,​ if​ I accept a​ project I do so believing that I know enough about the​ topic to​ produce a​ compelling piece. Writing isn’t difficult for most accomplished writers,​ but you must get started. Here are some things that help get me going:

If I am stuck,​ I write some sort of​ outline. Okay,​ maybe not a​ formal outline but something containing a​ topic sentence; 2,​ 3,​ or​ 4 main points; followed by a​ conclusion. as​ you can read there are three parts to​ any article: an​ introduction,​ the​ body,​ and a​ conclusion. Sometimes certain parts of​ the​ article I have more to​ write about than others. For example,​ I may have my main points for the​ body,​ but I don’t have the​ introductory part down just yet. No matter,​ I keep working on​ my outline until I get something solid.

Once I have all three pieces together,​ I start to​ write. Okay,​ I start to​ “type” as​ almost all of​ my writings are created from scratch via Microsoft Word. There was a​ time when I had to​ write on​ legal sized lined paper and then move it​ over to​ a​ word processor. No more. Today,​ I rarely “write” anything as​ I have gotten so accustomed to​ my laptop computer. Thanks,​ Dell!

When I am done writing,​ I check my work to​ see if​ it​ makes sense. Sometimes nothing I write is​ all that sensible,​ so I delete what I write and start over again. This is​ a​ rare occurrence,​ but it​ does happen.

After I come up with a​ reasonable draft,​ I scour it​ to​ check for misspellings,​ grammar usage,​ prose,​ etc. Many times I have the​ “bones” of​ the​ article,​ but it​ lacks “meat” or​ substance. in​ these particular cases I “flesh out” the​ article which usually involves refining sentence structure,​ clarifying a​ thought,​ swapping out words,​ or​ inserting or​ deleting entire sentences or​ paragraphs.

If I feel reasonably certain about what I wrote,​ I will do a​ final run through it​ to​ make sure it​ sits well with me. Occasionally,​ I put an​ article to​ the​ side and go do something else or​ I “sleep on​ it” and take a​ fresh look at​ the​ article the​ next day.

So,​ if​ you are having difficulty writing,​ simply get started. at​ least if​ you start your writing assignment you will have less to​ do later and you will no longer feel as​ if​ your undone article is​ some sort of​ albatross around your neck.

Now get started.

About Writing Just Get Started

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