A Writers Guide To Finding Freelance Writing Jobs

Writers are very much in​ demand these days because of​ the​ rising demands for their online content. the​ pay is​ oftentimes better and the​ hours are not so long. Many even freelance full-time.

Freelance writing extends to​ several different categories. Before you begin looking for work,​ you’ll have to​ decide whether or​ not you want to​ get credit for your writing. if​ you insist on​ a​ byline,​ you may have difficulty finding a​ lot of​ paying jobs. Byline jobs are out there if​ you look. However,​ the​ most money to​ be made is​ from working as​ a​ web ghostwriter.

There are several different categories of​ freelance writing. When you see the​ term “content writing” you will normally be providing text for an​ existing or​ new website. Your writing will have to​ be engaging and clear for website visitors. Article writers concentrate on​ providing articles for websites,​ newsletters and blogs. Generally,​ articles for the​ web are between 400 and 800 words each. Any more than that is​ difficult for readers to​ sit through while looking at​ a​ computer screen. Copywriters are challenged with putting readers in​ the​ mood to​ buy. They write copy for Internet sales letters and marketing sites. Ebook ghostwriters provide clients with full-length books on​ a​ variety of​ topics.

Freelance writers need to​ be professional in​ their online presence. This means spell-checking all writing,​ including e-mails to​ clients. it​ is​ also a​ good idea to​ get an​ e-mail address that is​ specifically used for your writing. a​ personal e-mail address with a​ goofy handle will make you appear unprofessional. Your first and last name or​ a​ combination thereof is​ a​ good choice for your web writing e-mail address.

Writing for the​ Internet has a​ few differences from writing essays in​ school or​ writing for print magazines. Readers online have short attention spans,​ and you’ll need to​ keep your sentences short and your paragraphs clear.

The other difference is​ the​ use of​ “keywords” in​ certain writing assignments. Keywords are words that have been selected by your client to​ be used in​ the​ article. These words have been selected because they are Internet search terms and your client wants their website to​ show up for those search terms. Keyword articles will require you to​ use the​ word or​ phrase a​ certain number of​ times in​ the​ article. Sometimes it​ can be difficult to​ use the​ words without making it​ sound forced. Experienced web writers have developed ways to​ make the​ keywords flow naturally into their articles.

Below are some of​ the​ areas and industries where freelance writers are needed. Read on​ and find the​ freelance path that is​ right for you.


Freelance writers are frequently hired to​ contribute articles for magazines. in​ fact,​ this is​ one area where you can actually get regular assignments as​ a​ freelance writer especially if​ clients find your work good. the​ rate for every article is​ quite generous especially if​ it​ involves interviewing. Some writers even kill two birds with one stone by also taking photographs for the​ interview. This way,​ the​ client also pays for the​ pictures that accompany your article.


Another area where you can get freelance work is​ the​ newspapers,​ where editors often hire freelance correspondents (sometimes called “stringers”). This is​ especially true with areas that are outside the​ city. Newspapers find it​ cheaper to​ hire correspondents and pay for their services than to​ send their own staff writers to​ cover an​ event.


As mentioned before,​ online writers are in​ demand nowadays because writers are needed to​ update website content. Magazines that maintain their own websites hire freelance writers just to​ do online content. in​ fact,​ not all the​ write ups you see on​ the​ Internet can be found in​ the​ magazines and not all articles in​ the​ magazines are used for online content.


Public relations writing is​ a​ cost-effective way to​ advertise products. Because of​ this,​ companies hire writers to​ do their PR write ups for them.


Blogging is​ yet another way to​ make money as​ a​ freelance writers. Blogs are an​ ever-growing form of​ Internet media. Blog writers generally provide their own content. You can make money as​ a​ freelancer by starting your own blog and posting to​ it​ daily. if​ you love to​ write,​ you can start several blogs at​ once and multiply your earnings. Once you become an​ experienced blogger,​ you can apply for blogging jobs and post for other people.


Many freelancers find success with ghostwriting. When you work as​ a​ freelance ghostwriter you provide writing services for clients who will then use the​ work as​ their own. Ghostwriting is​ a​ lucrative opportunity,​ especially when you focus on​ web writing. For the​ most part,​ the​ Internet is​ a​ text and image based platform. Companies and individuals who run websites constantly need text to​ make their websites attractive to​ visitors. Since writing is​ something that a​ lot of​ people would rather not do,​ this leaves plenty of​ opportunities for people who love to​ write.

Once you’ve gotten a​ few web writing assignments under your belt,​ you can decide what type of​ web writing suits you best. You can find work on​ writing message boards,​ freelance writing job sites,​ such as​ www.FreelanceWriting.com,​ and classified ad sites like Craigslist.org. Whenever you apply for a​ job,​ make sure to​ include your contact information and a​ few well-selected writing samples.

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