A Wild Idea To Make A Bold Decorating Statement

A Wild Idea To Make A Bold Decorating Statement

Ready to​ be a​ little wild in​ your​ decorating?

The secret to​ good decorating is​ to​ be bold and​ creative without ever being tasteless. Here’s an​ idea which is​ unique enough to​ get attention, yet will never be out of​ place.

Instead of​ just flowers in​ a​ silk arrangement, use feathers! Feathers bring an​ added bit of​ texture and​ life to​ the standard silk flower display. Pheasant and​ peacock feathers will add height and​ drama. Bright colored feathers will make your​ display eye-catching and​ unique. to​ add softness to​ a​ bouquet, try ostrich plumes..

you​ may want to​ leave the flowers out and​ make your​ arrangement entirely out of​ feathers. an​ interesting container can serve as​ a​ wonderful starting point. Search for​ one with an​ animal skin​ motif. Duck feathers in​ a​ leather container will add a​ manly feel to​ any office or​ gameroom. Short feathers at​ the base, with spikes of​ pheasant plumes, create an​ attention​ drawing piece for​ a​ buffet or​ hall table.

Exotic feathers can add spice to​ a​ bedroom. Put them out with candles for​ a​ special night, and​ create a​ very romantic mood. you​ might even try a​ boa for​ yourself!

Look outdoors for​ feathers of​ local birds from your​ area. you​ can use these to​ make a​ statement about your​ love of​ where you’ve chosen to​ live. Take a​ walk in​ a​ nearby wooded park and​ soon​ you’ll have a​ collection​ from local birds. Typically these are small feathers, yet they’ll say "home" in​ a​ cute display on​ an​ end table.

Search the floral section​ of​ your​ favorite craft store for​ interesting natural items such as​ moss, twigs and​ dried seeds to​ add to​ your​ design. a​ skilled florist will help you​ change these elements into a​ stunning display for​ your​ home.

Don’t be afraid to​ experiment. You’re sure to​ draw interesting comments and​ with reasonable consideration, you’ll add a​ stimulating look to​ any room.

A Wild Idea To Make A Bold Decorating Statement

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