A System For Self Growth And Discovery

A System For Self Growth And Discovery

this​ article is​ a​ brief description​ of​ the spiritual path that I am walking upon.

I think for​ any path to​ be feasible there must be certain​ ways of​ increasing our understandings and​ realisations. in​ my case, I was taught how to​ interpret dream and​ meditation​ symbols. The key main​ components of​ my path are :

1. Meditation
2. Dreams and​ vision​ interpretation.

Many other modalities, act as​ secondary supports along the journey. But the crux of​ the path essentially lies in​ consistent meditation​ and​ dream/vision​ interpretations. it​ is​ perhaps possible not to​ meditate, provided we remain​ sensitive to​ incoming-intuitions and​ other means of​ receiving insights and​ self-discoveries. Pendulum reading does play a​ part in​ filling some of​ the roles performed by meditational vision​ interpretation, but it​ is​ certainly not as​ flexible. this​ is​ because the readings that we get from pendulums are limited by the type of​ charts we use. in​ another word, visions can have infinite variations, whereas pendulum charts can only give us answers within​ their range of​ options.

Additionally, Reiki attunements helped in​ increasing my sensitivity to​ energies.

I simply cannot emphasize more on​ the role dream/vision​ interpretation​ plays in​ self-growth acceleration. it​ is​ very effective in​ deepening our understandings and​ in​ transforming ourselves. Prior to​ knowing how to​ interpret dreams, progress was slow for​ me. Dream interpretation​ significantly opened up new ways of​ receiving detailed information​ essential for​ my continued self-growth.

I don't think there are any hard and​ fast rules to​ self-discovery. Living Life itself is​ the path. However, I do believe in​ practice and​ consistency, if​ we were to​ achieve any desirable results.

I have been a​ meditator for​ many years... it​ was about 5-6 years ago that I discovered that I am at​ times receiving visions/images/insights in​ my mind that educated me about certain​ things. Often these visions revealed only what was understandable by me at​ any given moment of​ my journey. it​ was at​ this​ beginning stage of​ vision-receiving, that I met a​ highly Enlightened Teacher who taught me the current method that included dream interpretation. I am truly grateful to​ that Teacher.

Along my path, there were at​ times, what appeared to​ be past-lives feelings surfacing onto my conscious mind. These feelings were mostly traumatic, but realising them allowed me to​ understand​ the reason​ of​ my present life fears. Because of​ the potentially shocking and​ at​ times unpleasant experiences of​ past-life emotional re-living, I strongly feel that only one who is​ focused on​ progressing spiritually attempt to​ uncover past life experiences. Past life uncovering must be treated with respect.

Well, this​ is​ my system of​ practice in​ a​ nutshell. as​ you​ can see, the path is​ quite flexible in​ the sense that it​ is​ fully integrated into my life experiences and​ it​ does not really present itself as​ a​ separate endeavour. Also, each individual path will be unique and​ different from others. this​ is​ mainly because, each one of​ us, have different issues and​ areas that needed addressing.

I recognise that many different types of​ path can lead to​ similarly desirable results. Perhaps, the external expressions of​ different paths often belies similar dynamics under the differing facade.

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