A Simple Formula For Writing Articles With A Minimal Amount Of Time And Effort

A Simple Formula For Writing Articles With A Minimal Amount Of Time And

As a​ writer you may have ever felt overwhelmed by a​ blank sensation when trying to​ write an​ article. to​ eliminate the​ problem you may try to​ follow the​ tips in​ this article. Ok,​ let's start it. I don't want to​ waste your invaluable time.

First,​ if​ you have a​ collection of​ private label contents,​ take a​ look at​ them. Try to​ find an​ article that covers similar subject with the​ article you want to​ write. For example if​ you want to​ write an​ article about badminton you can look for an​ article about tennis. Both have many similarities. They are games that require racket and net to​ play. in​ addition they can be played single or​ double. Just change the​ word "tennis" to​ "badminton" and change any inappropriate words. For example you may have to​ change the​ word "tennis ball" to​ "shuttlecock".

Another example is​ if​ you want to​ create an​ article about restaurants in​ your city you can use an​ article about restaurants in​ Kuala Lumpur or​ New York or​ any other cities. the​ key here is​ the​ more similarities exist the​ easier your writing task will be.

What will be easier if​ you want to​ create an​ article about "web writer",​ using an​ article with title "Hire a​ Web Designer" or​ "Hire a​ Broker"? I believe you are agree with me to​ choose the​ first one because compared with a​ broker there are more similarities between a​ web writer and a​ web designer. Both of​ them,​ a​ writer and a​ web designer,​ normally serve people who are running a​ business on​ the​ internet which means their customers are more likely have similar problems.

In case you can not find an​ article that cover similar subject like that just open one of​ your private label articles. There are common titles which can be used for various subjects. Here are some of​ them:

How to​ Find ...
The Secret to​ ...
The Basics of​ ...
The Benefits of​ ...
Mistakes to​ Avoid When ...
and so on...

Just open one of​ them no matter whether the​ subject is​ related with yours or​ not.

Now you can alter the​ article. For example,​ below is​ a​ private label article about cigar:

----- START -----

4 Tips for Lighting a​ Cigar

For new smokers,​ lighting a​ cigar can seem as​ daunting as​ learning to​ choose a​ good single. Here are four tips to​ guide you in​ lighting a​ cigar for the​ first time.

----- END -----

If you want to​ write an​ article about web hosting you can alter the​ article above so it​ becomes:

----- START -----

Several Tips For Finding a​ Reliable Web Hosting Provider

For beginners,​ choosing a​ reliable hosting service can be difficult because there are a​ huge number of​ hosting companies with different hosting plans in​ the​ market right now. Here are some important factors you should consider in​ deciding which one to​ choose.

----- END -----

After you have finished several first sentences like that you should be able to​ finish your article easily. You can do this method again and again for any subjects. Collecting many private label contents can also be very beneficial to​ you because besides you will have good quality contents to​ get the​ creative juices flowing you will be able to​ take some sentences from here and there.

Finally although you can just "search and replace" for some words it​ is​ advisable to​ take it​ a​ step further in​ order to​ make your article really unique. Do not forget also to​ check your article to​ make sure it​ does not contain wrong information.

A Simple Formula For Writing Articles With A Minimal Amount Of Time And

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