A Perfect Marketing Strategy For Loan Officers

A Perfect Marketing Strategy for Loan Officers
If you​ are a​ loan officer or​ mortgage broker looking to​ score some more customers the​ easy way,​ here are a​ few good ideas for a​ marketing strategy.
During the​ entire process of​ getting a​ loan ready for closing,​ you​ and your customer are met with more than one reason to​ celebrate other than at​ the​ closing table.
For example,​ before you​ can proceed with a​ loan,​ your customer must have an​ appraisal done on​ their home.
Once that appraisal comes in,​ both to​ the​ liking of​ you​ and your customer,​ send your customer an​ inexpensive congratulatory gift such as​ a​ tin of​ pretzels,​ cookies,​ or​ candy.
But make sure you​ send it​ to​ their place of​ employment.
Why do something so cheesy you​ may ask?
Because when you​ send someone a​ gift at​ work,​ all of​ their fellow employees want to​ know why they got it​ and who it​ was from.
So when they ask,​ your customer will tell them all about you​ and the​ products and services you​ are providing them with.
Also,​ if​ you​ have sent some of​ your business cards along with the​ gift,​ you​ better believe they will be handing them out.
Don’t forget to​ use the​ same technique once the​ loan is​ approved and than again once the​ loan is​ closed.
This is​ a​ perfect way to​ get your customers selling you​ and your products to​ co-workers,​ friends and family.

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