A Moving Experience

A Moving Experience
I’ve found a​ cool apartment! Okay, okay…so it’s not perfect. ​
Just a​ few bugs. ​
I ​ mean literally! First expense? An exterminator! Is it​ worth the cash? Well, I ​ can’t afford a​ more expensive place, so a​ onetime please! cash outlay should be okay. ​
Maybe just a​ can of​ Raid?
I need a​ way to move my stuff. ​
Daddy, can I ​ borrow your​ truck? you​ don’t have one? Why not? Do you​ want one? I’ll help you​ pick it​ out! Well, it​ was just a​ suggestion. ​
No need to get all bent out of​ shape! I ​ guess I’d better call the truck rental places. ​
What do you​ mean…$200…PLUS mileage? and​ ​ Gas? Good grief!
While I’m on​ the phone I’ll call the utility and​ ​ phone companies. ​
Yes, I ​ know I ​ haven’t used your​ services before. ​
No, I ​ don’t have a​ credit card; this​ is my first place. ​
you​ want what? a​ $100 deposit? for​ EACH? Holy cow…do you​ people have a​ license to steal?
Daddy, I ​ need $500 for​ moving expenses! I ​ used all my money for​ the first and​ ​ last months rent and​ ​ the damage deposit. ​
Well, how was I ​ to know this​ was going to be so expensive? Sell something? Daaaaad…I NEED my TV!
Boy, this​ place is pretty empty. ​
Maybe I ​ should buy a​ couch and​ ​ a​ chair. ​
Nah…I have my bed. ​
That’ll be good enough. ​
I ​ don’t need a​ table; I’ll just use this​ box.
Renters Insurance? I ​ don’t think so! What do I ​ have to insure?
Just got my first phone call! I’d love to come to your​ party! Daddy, I ​ need a​ car. ​
Because it’s too far to walk to work, that’s why. ​
Umm, Daddy…there’s car insurance too! Thanks, Dad…you’re the best! and​ ​ gas? I ​ didn’t think so…
Time for​ dinner. ​
Let’s look in​ these boxes. ​
Oh, No! No dishes or​ pans. ​
Uhhh, Mom?

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