A Great Decorating Idea Stencils

A Great Decorating Idea Stencils

How to​ pick stencils for​ your​ home. Uses of​ stencils on​ different materials. Finding the right pattern of​ stencils.

One of​ the fastest growing trends in​ home decorating recently has been stencil design. Using stencils adds a​ creative note to​ any home and​ you​ can incorporate the styles and​ colors to​ suit your​ own tastes. you​ don't have to​ be an​ artist to​ have beautiful artistic expressions on​ your​ walls and​ furniture, you​ just have to​ have a​ good imagination​ and​ be able to​ follow instructions. Stencil designs are an​ easy and​ fun way to​ literally "imprint" your​ style on​ your​ home.

There are a​ number of​ ways in​ which you​ can use stencil design. Most people use stencils on​ walls, but it​ is​ also used successfully on​ furniture, glass such as​ mirrors and​ windows, and​ on​ fabrics. There are many people use use stenciling as​ a​ hobby and​ they do not even use it​ as​ an​ interior decorating tool, but just to​ create beautiful artifacts that have lovely stenciled designs on​ them. There are t-shirts, vases and​ wooden furniture that look beautiful with a​ stencil design on​ them.

The most common​ way of​ using stencil design is​ to​ create borders on​ the edges of​ walls. But with a​ little imagination, you​ can decorate an​ entire wall with stencils, using large patterns or​ repeating one pattern over and​ over. Consider using stencils on​ fabrics and​ covering your​ chairs or​ curtains in​ a​ stencil to​ match a​ pattern on​ the walls.
There are so many patterns and​ designs of​ stencils that it​ is​ easy to​ find one that suits your​ taste and​ decor. you​ can find pattern in​ craft shops, home improvement stores, and​ of​ course, on​ line. if​ you​ are considering a​ stencil project, be sure you​ lay out exactly what you​ want for​ the room or​ for​ the item you​ are stenciling. you​ can choose a​ fantasy look, or​ create a​ forest or​ garden right in​ your​ home. There are many simple, classical lines that add just an​ elegant touch to​ a​ room, and​ there are very ornate ones if​ that goes with your​ theme.

you​ can even carry this​ artistry one step further and​ create your​ own stencils. Using a​ pattern from the wallpaper or​ drapery fabric you​ have chosen for​ the room, you​ can trace it​ out and​ make your​ own design.

Though stenciling is​ fun and​ easy to​ do, you​ will have more success if​ you​ do a​ little research to​ learn the right kinds of​ brushes and​ paints to​ use, and​ how to​ prepare surfaces properly.

Using your​ imagination, doing some research, and​ getting involved in​ this​ interesting project will give you​ a​ unique look for​ your​ home that you​ and​ your​ family will enjoy.

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