A Golden Rule To Manage Job Workplace Stress

A Golden Rule To Manage Job/Workplace Stress
A Golden Rule To Manage Job/Workplace Stress: Having gone for a​ sea bath,​ don't be afraid of​ the​ oncoming waves .​
Take your plunge!
* Getting a​ job,​ involves lots of​ stress.
* Getting a​ job,​ without the​ stressful environment,​ is​ a​ blessing.
* Getting a​ job,​ with the​ type work profile that you like,​ a​ cheerfully disposed staff,​ and the​ administration that maintains the​ human relations at​ its best,​ is​ a​ boon!
You put in​ your best efforts,​ but everyone around you is​ dissatisfied .​
The reasons are beyond your understanding .​
Your fellow-workers are not happy with you; some of​ them do not hesitate to​ taunt you .​
Your boss frowns at​ you for nothing .​
Your wife nags you for your late arrival by 30 minutes from the​ office .​
Traveling through public transport,​ leaving your kid to​ school,​ going to​ the​ market in​ between hustle and bustle of​ office and home-what more is​ required for you to​ say,​ ‘oh,​ this hellish life!’
These are some of​ the​ issues that contribute to​ your job workplace stress.
If someone else is​ to​ be blamed for your stress,​ blame yourself much more for giving that prominent place for the​ Satan of​ stress .​
Throw him out lock,​ stock and barrel from your personality .​
Take a​ firm stand .​
Yes,​ it​ is​ possible; it​ is​ achievable.
A story goes thus: An educated youngster,​ fed up of​ his job workplace stress,​ ran away to​ Himalayas .​
There he met a​ Yogi .​
The youngster prostrated at​ his feet with all humility,​ and prayed that he wants to​ stay at​ His hermitage,​ as​ he was fed up of​ the​ city life and the​ job workplace stress.
Yogi’s reply was historic: Don’t runaway to​ any Ashram; create an​ Ashram,​ where you are!
What you need to​ to​ is​ to​ analyze and understand your stress .​
Take out the​ negativities one by one .​
Unburden the​ burden! Mind in​ itself,​ doesn’t have any existence .​
It is​ supposed to​ be a​ bundle of​ thoughts .​
Take out the​ thoughts,​ one by one and reduce the​ heavy load that you unnecessarily carry on​ your head.
There was another young man who wanted to​ take a​ bath in​ the​ sea .​
He stood at​ the​ seashore all the​ time worrying- let these waves disappear from the​ ocean,​ then I​ will take bath .​
Will that situation ever be possible? the​ message to​ such an​ youngster would be- having gone for a​ sea bath,​ don’t be afraid of​ the​ oncoming waves .​
Take your plunge!
With a​ positive bent of​ mind it​ is​ possible to​ control and transcend job workplace stress .​
Stick to​ your job,​ have patience and understanding! Go placidly amidst the​ noise and din .​
Everything is​ happening,​ as​ it​ should!

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