8 Tips For Decorating Your Apartment

8 Tips For Decorating Your Apartment

Here are some easy tips to​ decorate your​ home. Taking a​ few moments to​ think about your​ home will help you​ fully enjoy it.

Think about your​ home, and​ answer these questions:

1. What do you​ want it​ to​ be? if​ you​ want your​ home to​ be a​ tranquil oasis in​ a​ busy world, are your​ colors soothing or​ do they shout? if​ you​ want a​ fun place for​ friends to​ gather, do you​ have plenty of​ seating?

2. What are your​ main​ hobbies and​ activities? What do you​ need for​ these activities? for​ instance, if​ you​ have a​ collection​ that you​ work on​ often, get storage containers for​ it​ that can be easily opened or​ put away. if​ it’s a​ lot of​ trouble to​ get at​ your​ collection, you​ either won’t spend the time on​ it, or​ else might be tempted to​ leave it​ out and​ risk losing or​ breaking certain​ pieces.

3. Who will be using the space? How many people will be living there? What ages? It’s important for​ every person​ to​ have a​ space that’s their own. Whether it’s a​ special chair, couch, desk or​ a​ section​ of​ a​ room, everyone needs ‘their space’. if​ you’re planning to​ do video aerobics, you’ll need room to​ move around in​ front of​ the TV!

4. What about your​ things? It’s easy to​ become very messy if​ things don’t have a​ place. a​ small filing cabinet is​ a​ must for​ many people – it’s a​ great place to​ store all the papers that you​ don’t know what to​ do with!

5. How much do you​ really need? Too much furniture makes a​ room seem crowded. The bare essentials are a​ couch and​ chair, a​ table and​ chairs for​ eating, a​ bed and​ place for​ your​ clothes. After that, think hard about what you​ need or​ don’t need. Will you​ really use that computer desk – or​ would you​ rather sit on​ the couch with a​ laptop?

6. Think about the traffic flow. you​ want to​ be able to​ walk anywhere in​ the room without bumping into furniture. Try drawing furniture placement on​ paper as​ a​ first step.

7. Pick a​ focal point - your​ Greystone Properties home has unique features. What do you​ want to​ see when your​ first walk in​ the room? if​ you​ have nice windows with great lighting, are you​ emphasizing it? Everyone feels brighter in​ sunshine.

8. Think about order and​ organization. Do you​ bring home work every day, or​ mail, or​ sports equipment? Where will you​ put it? a​ large bowl or​ box near the front door is​ a​ great place to​ drop mail until you​ go through it​ later.

9. Take advantage of​ free expert advice. Every store and​ every product line employs professional designers to​ put furniture and​ accessories together. if​ you’re unsure of​ your​ decorating skills, pick a​ design you​ like. Study how they did it​ either by looking through a​ catalogue or​ going to​ a​ store. It’s all there assembled and​ displayed for​ you. if​ you​ like the look, simply do what they’ve done!

8 Tips For Decorating Your Apartment

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