7 Tips To Save Money On Marketing A Business

7 Tips To Save Money On Marketing A Business

The most effective marketing methods such as​ advertising in​ newspapers,​ popular magazines,​ on​ TV are very expensive for small businesses,​ especially for most start-ups.

Thanks to​ Internet,​ in​ the​ recent years,​ some very powerful,​ and cost-effective,​ even free marketing strategies have become popular.

Here are some tips to​ help you​ save money on​ marketing your business without sacrificing quality or​ results. in​ fact,​ some of​ them are very affective to​ boost your business cost effectively and fast. Implement them repeatedly and save a​ lot of​ money and time while attracting hundreds of​ thousands of​ more visitors to​ your website.

1. Link Exchanges

To exchange links with other Web sites is​ the​ most popular marketing strategy used by travel and tourism related businesses. Link exchanges help increase link popularity,​ and the​ chances to​ get higher search engine placements and ranks.

In addition,​ you​ will have higher chances to​ be seen by more surfers,​ to​ attract more visitors to​ your Web site,​ which will highly increase your sales,​ and return on​ investment (ROI).

To find the​ Web sites which are willing to​ reciprocate links,​ without the​ risk of​ spamming anyone,​ go to​ a​ major search engine such as​ Yahoo!,​ Google,​ MSN,​ and write in​ the​ search bar,​ for example,​ "Travel & Tourism Link Exchanges" or,​ "Travel & Tourism Reciprocal Links".

The Web sites listed in​ the​ first 20 in​ these sections will provide you​ with the​ high quality link exchange resources. to​ exchange links with these higher ranked Web sites will also help your Web sites get higher ranks.

2. Directories

It is​ a​ good strategy to​ submit your Web site to​ Travel & Tourism Directories. Because directories have a​ lot of​ surfers and visitors who are trying to​ find the​ travel and tourism related businesses who offer the​ best deals to​ match their needs.

You can reach millions of​ targeted prospective buyers among these directories' visitors who might be your loyal customers later on. So,​ you​ should not underestimate the​ power of​ Directory marketing,​ and start to​ submit your Web site to​ the​ Travel & Tourism Directories as​ soon as​ possible. They will help you​ promote your business affectively,​ and mostly for FREE.

You can also find important marketing tips and resources in​ Directories to​ grow your business fast.

3. Pictures & Photographs

Images are vital elements to​ attract readers' attention to​ your ads,​ to​ your articles & press releases,​ to​ your Web sites. Make sure you​ use charming photos everywhere you​ can.

How and where to​ get such charming photos? Always keep in​ mind that almost all photos and images you​ can find on​ the​ Internet have Copy Rights,​ which means it's illegal to​ use them,​ so you​ should never re-publish them without the​ written permission of​ the​ original owners. Or,​ you​ will have to​ pay big amounts of​ money to​ settle the​ possible sues.

You can buy photos online if​ you​ find the​ ones you​ would like to​ use. But,​ the​ prices of​ real nice photos are high.

The best cost-effective solution is​ to​ take photos yourself,​ which will also give you​ the​ freedom to​ choose the​ places,​ angles,​ lights,​ and colors before taking the​ pictures to​ your heart's content.

When taking photographs,​ try to​ get as​ many shots in​ as​ possible. Then you​ would not need to​ pay other photographers to​ purchase photos to​ use in​ your websites,​ articles,​ press releases,​ and advertisements.

To take photographs yourself will save you​ a​ lot of​ money. if​ you​ have a​ library of​ images for your advertising needs,​ you​ will not only save tremendous amount of​ money,​ but save a​ lot of​ time,​ too. you​ can use them in​ your brochures,​ articles,​ press releases,​ as​ well as​ in​ your websites,​ and in​ your advertisements whenever you​ need..

4. Try to​ do What you​ can Yourself

You can,​ of​ course,​ hire experts to​ design your website,​ for writing press releases,​ articles,​ copy writing,​ advertising,​ photography,​ professionally.

But,​ you​ can do them,​ at​ least some of​ them,​ yourself when you​ want to​ save money. you​ will then spend money only for tasks that really need the​ expertise of​ a​ professional.

Keeping this in​ mind,​ we have provided information in​ the​ 'Grow Your Business Fast' program,​ on​ how to​ write a​ successful article yourself,​ how to​ write press releases in​ a​ traditional news story format,​ that will look real professional,​ how to​ market your products,​ services,​ informational material,​ affiliate programs to​ become a​ marketing champion in​ a​ few months very cost effectively,​ saving a​ lot of​ money.

5. Articles

When you​ write an​ article you​ can send it​ out yourself,​ or​ send it​ to​ a​ free or​ pro article distributor who will disseminate it​ to​ newsletters,​ e-zines,​ magazines,​ local and national newspapers,​ websites; follow it​ up and see if​ it​ was published in​ any of​ these publications. if​ it​ was,​ you​ can be sure that it​ covers certain required values.

Then you​ can use your 'accepted & published' article,​ or​ at​ least parts of​ it,​ in​ your website,​ in​ your sales letters,​ in​ your advertisements,​ you​ can even write it​ in​ the​ traditional news story format,​ and send it​ to​ a​ press release distributor to​ be sent out to​ media outlets.

6. Press-Releases

The best way to​ send your press releases out,​ is​ to​ submit it​ to​ a​ free or​ pro press release distributor. if​ you​ select a​ good one,​ they would send your press release to​ the​ media outlets where you​ would get the​ best results.

Some of​ them are experts who know how to​ do it,​ depending on​ their own experiences. if​ you​ choose a​ pro distributor,​ your chances to​ get outstanding results would be higher.

Your press release(s) that an​ editor wrote a​ news on​ and published in​ a​ popular publication would attract a​ lot of​ visitors to​ your Web site,​ eventually increases your sales tremendously; also it​ would be a​ good sample for you​ to​ use the​ same values in​ your future press releases.

7. Your Ads

You can implement the​ same strategies explained in​ #3 above,​ for your ads,​ too. Watch closely which of​ your ads generated more traffic and sales. Then,​ use them at​ your website,​ in​ your newsletter,​ other related newsletters,​ use the​ most powerful lines in​ your signature file,​ in​ your classified ads,​ in​ the​ safe mailing lists,​ e-zines,​ in​ your solo ads ... everywhere possible,​ over and over again. Get the​ same positive results repeatedly.

7 Tips To Save Money On Marketing A Business

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