7 Surefire Tips For Writing Make People Read Article

7 Surefire Tips For Writing Make People Read Article

7 Surefire-Tips For Writing Make-People-Read Article
It’s not something new that writing article can bring considerable amounts of​ traffic to​ your web site thus give you more profits .​
Today all net has been flooded with articles,​ which purpose to​ capture instant traffic for their owners .​
Millions of​ articles writing and publishing everyday .​
The competition has become a​ fierce battle and it’s getting tougher everyday to​ drive a​ great deal of​ traffic to​ our site.
With that being said you have to​ do something to​ stand out from this crowded place,​ and make sure that your article gets noticed in​ front of​ your potential customers one step ahead from your competitors.
Here’re 7 surefire tips you can do to​ give your article more superiority…
1) Eye-Catching Headline
No matter how good your article,​ if​ people not see ‘invite-to-read’ headline,​ they won’t bother even for just take a​ glance on​ the​ body of​ your article.
Here’re some tips you to​ write ‘invite-to-read’ headline:
> Write your headline based on​ something that derives from personal experience .​
Personal experience will always arouse others’ curiosity
For example:
How I​ Made $17,​917 In 3 Days Using Options
> Use exact numbers in​ your headline:
$17,​917 will make people see it’s real rather than $17,​000 thus helping creates picture in​ their mind .​
Ideal mental picture,​ where they can see themselves in​ that favorable conditions .​
In this case,​ they can see themselves making that $17,​917
2) Simplicity Your Words
Write your sentence with words that’s easy to​ understand .​
For example,​ instead of​ using ‘ornamental’ you can use ‘attractive‘ .​
If there’s certain specialized terms from your field explain the​ meaning for your readers.
For example,​ ‘7 PR‘ .​
While it​ something common for someone with Internet Marketing basic,​ but it’s new lingo for accountant.
Your readers will appreciate for saving their times when otherwise they have to​ drill down all the​ net meanwhile on​ the​ other hand they got a​ lot to​ do.
Remember simplicity always works.
3) Shorter Your Sentence
Break your article up into short sentence .​
No more than 5 lines .​
Read through screen is​ difference with read though paper book.
Read through computer screen makes your eyes tired faster.
Beside,​ it’s easier to​ read and devour through short sentence rather than over-crowded sentence.
You can see this article as​ an​ example.
4) Inject Your Personality Into Your Article
Write something about yourself .​
What’s your experience related with your article? Do you love something that related with your stuff? Or
You can slide some jokes in​ the​ body of​ your article (jokes not mean you tell something stupid).
This way you’ll appear more human,​ than unknown behind the​ screen which eventually will lead to​ create relationship with your targeted customers.
5) Change Confusing Words Into Understandable Words
For example: night-blooming cereus into flowering cactus.
This will make a​ whole world change for you .​
Imagine you came across two articles with headline 7 Rules Upkeep of​ Night-Blooming Cereus and 7 Rules Upkeep of​ Flowering Cactus
Which one you’d like to​ read?
Trust me there’re a​ lot who have night-blooming cereus but don’t know its name .​
Though I​ don’t have one but I​ know Flowering Cactus.
6) Give a​ Lot of​ Bullet Points
All books which discussing about copywriting will screaming benefit,​ BEnefit,​ BENEFIT…
Because for one thing only,​ it​ works.
So the​ same as​ writing article .​
Different purpose but same rules .​
For example:
What you have to​ before doing any business?
> research the​ market
> survey prospective customers
> determine your budget
> write proposal for bank’s loan
Another reason,​ this way you can tell exactly what you want to​ tell without need to​ write back and forth many sentences just to​ tell one point.
Not only confuse your readers,​ but also exhaust yourself.
7) Use Conversational Words Often
Try to​ use as​ many of​ blended words we​ use in​ everyday conversation as​ possible .​
You can write you’re rather than you are,​ if​ in​ that way you break the​ barriers between you and your readers.
Final Note
Different cases need different approaching .​
Sometimes you can use all of​ the​ above techniques but sometimes there’s only one or​ two that fit with your current conditions.

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