7 Questions You Should Ask To Discover What Really Makes You Tick

7 Questions You Should Ask To Discover What Really Makes You Tick

Be all you​ can be, but it's not always that easy!

Limiting beliefs, negative self doubt, fear and​ worry all lay before us ready to​ block our path at​ every turn. I often see myself as​ somewhat contented with my life and​ the way things are but I always create something new and​ exciting to​ aim for.

One of​ the biggest challenges for​ people is​ that they really want to​ achieve something in​ life but are afraid of​ what will happen once they achieve it!

As an​ example, a​ coaching client of​ mine wanted to​ travel around the world but her fear was that if​ she did there would be nothing left to​ aim for. in​ this​ case wanting was more powerful than having! When the day came for​ her to​ return to​ the UK having visited all the countries she hoped for, what would be left to​ do? Nothing! or​ so she thought.

Knowing what makes you​ “tick” and​ what excites you​ into action​ will support you​ in​ living a​ life that is​ full of​ fun, adventure and​ possibility. The thing to​ do is​ to​ always be creating, not at​ the expense of​ the goals you​ have, flitting from one to​ another without accomplishing any of​ them, but as​ a​ way to​ ensure you​ always have something to​ reach for​ as​ one goal is​ achieved.

Below are 7 questions you​ can ask yourself to​ discover what makes you​ "tick"

1. What do I really want and​ why do I REALLY want it?

There can be so many things you​ want to​ do with your​ life, some you​ are actually doing, but many more you​ are just talking about endlessly day after day. Sometimes they can be things that your​ partner, parents or​ family want you​ to​ do. or​ perhaps you​ are doing it​ to​ prove something to​ other people, teach someone a​ lesson, or​ be right about something.

STOP! Write down not only what you​ want but why you​ want it, if​ you​ find it​ doesn’t excite you​ then throw it​ away, if​ you​ find you​ are actually doing it​ because someone else wants you​ to​ or​ because you​ are proving something, consider ditching it​ for​ something better. Really think about “What do I WANT” and​ then when you​ write the reason​ why you​ want it​ ensure it​ is​ because it​ will provide you​ with access to​ something that excites you.

2. Should I really change?

if​ history has taught us one thing, it's to​ cherish the life that we have gone through with all of​ its challenges and​ excitement. Maybe the question​ to​ really ask is​ “Am I ready to​ change?” and​ if​ not, why not? Are you​ holding yourself back for​ fear of​ the unknown? What will be the consequences of​ ending or​ starting something for​ those around me? These are questions you​ can consider, but be aware of​ using them as​ an​ excuse for​ not taking action!

3. What's the bright side in​ all of​ this?

With so much happening around us there seems to​ be no room for​ even considering that light at​ the end of​ the tunnel. We can still see “the light” as​ something positive without undergoing so much scrutiny. There is​ no need to​ fear the unknown or​ what is​ going to​ happen next. Instead if​ what is​ at​ the end of​ your​ personal tunnel is​ a​ train, rather than view it​ as​ something waiting to​ knock you​ over you​ could choose to​ take it​ for​ a​ ride!

4. Have I done enough for​ myself?

Have you, or​ is​ there something more you​ want to​ do? Discontentment in​ every aspect can be soul destroying so consider how much you​ do for​ yourself compared with other people. Do you​ give yourself enough time to​ relax and​ have fun? Include some of​ this​ in​ your​ goal towards your​ new exciting future. Once you​ discover whether you​ have done enough for​ yourself or​ whether there is​ more you​ can do, then you​ are at​ least on​ a​ path towards doing something about it.

5. Am I happy with where I am today?

It's an​ unfair question​ so let it​ be an​ answer! Appreciate and​ be grateful for​ the small things in​ life, can’t think of​ any? Well how about having the capability to​ read this​ article. if​ you​ are on​ line be grateful for​ your​ computer and​ the internet, if​ you​ have a​ printed copy be grateful to​ be able to​ read and​ see the words. Be grateful for​ the gloves that keep your​ hands warm and​ the music you​ love to​ listen/dance to. Be happy with where you​ are today, even if​ it​ is​ not where you​ want to​ be and​ then make the promise to​ take action​ towards where you​ want to​ be. Oh! and​ make sure you​ take action!!

6. Am I appealing to​ other people?

So maybe I don't have an​ answer to​ that, but that doesn't mean I can't try it, though. Whether you​ shape-up, change the way you​ wear your​ clothes or​ hair, or​ even your​ attitude towards people, you​ should always remember it​ will always be for​ your​ own benefit. you​ are doing this​ for​ you, NOT so that somebody else likes you​ or​ because “they” say it’s what you​ need to​ do. Making yourself appealing to​ other people may also be about changing your​ attitude. Are you​ usually bossy, intimidating or​ angry? These are qualities that won’t help you​ win​ friends and​ influence people! Neither will being a​ total yes person. Look at​ whether you​ appeal to​ others and​ how you​ can improve on​ your​ inner personal strength so that you​ appeal to​ all people in​ all situations whilst retaining your​ personal power.

7. What motivates and​ excites me?

What motivates you? It's an​ answer you​ have to​ find out for​ yourself. There are so many things that can make everyone happy, but to​ choose one of​ them may be the hardest part. Take time to​ recall a​ situation​ or​ event at​ which you​ were really motivated and/or excited, then think about a​ time when you​ weren’t that motivated. What was present in​ the motivated situation​ that wasn’t in​ the unmotivated one? When you​ discover that you​ have some tools to​ ensure that you​ remain​ motivated and​ excited at​ ALL TIMES!

So what really makes you​ tick? you​ can be just about anything you​ always wanted to​ be, but if​ you​ approach what really makes you​ tick with the feeling that it’s not possible to​ attain​ you​ are already blocking your​ way and​ giving up before you​ even start that journey.

When you​ are feeling as​ if​ life is​ drifting away, or​ you​ are feeling a​ lack of​ direction​ then discovering what makes your​ tick, what motivates you​ to​ achieve and​ what you​ want for​ yourself and​ your​ life is​ one of​ the greatest gifts you​ can give yourself.

on​ a​ course I attended they asked the question; “What’s your​ impossible promise?” think about that. What goal could you​ have that is​ SO HUGE it​ would not be achieved in​ your​ lifetime but would leave a​ legacy that others could continue?

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