7 Mortgage Marketing Tips For Loan Officers

7 Mortgage Marketing Tips for Loan Officers
It is​ my intention that these marketing tips will help you​ avoid common mistakes made by the​ majority of​ loan officers .​
Heed this advice!
Mortgage Marketing Tip #1
Make your advertising and print media more effective by having a​ headline on​ everything: letters,​ greeting cards,​ ads,​ everything .​
Headlines are what get the​ reader .​
They make them want to​
They tell the​ reader what benefit he/she will get from reading more .​
And that's exactly what you​ want them to​ do.
Make the​ headline powerful and include a​ benefit.
3 things you​ can do today to​ improve your credit
Here's something you​ might enjoy…
I started thinking of​ you​ when I​ read this article…
Make sure to​ include a​ headline in​ all your media and it​ will increase your results.
Mortgage Marketing Tip #2
When you​ do something for a​ client,​ brag about it.
What I​ mean is,​ if​ you​ accomplish something,​ make it​ a​ big deal.'
Mr .​
Hity,​ I​ was holding my breath for a​ while,​ and that collection on​ your credit report made it​ real close,​ but I​ fought for you​ and got the​ lender to​ approve your loan!
That's a​ lot better than saying,​ Hi,​ your loan was approved today .​
Make yourself out to​ be the​ valuable professional you​ are .​
Make sure that your clients know exactly what you​ do for them.
Mortgage Marketing Tip #3
Write thank you​ notes to​ people everyday.
This one mortgage marketing tool can make you​ so much money your head will spin .​
Everyone loves to​ be appreciated and acknowledged .​
Being nice and having manners are a​ thing of​ the​ past .​
But when you​ take the​ time to​ thank someone,​ you​ connect to​ them on​ deeper level .​
Get yourself some thank you​ cards from the​ stationery store and thank people who did something for you​ today .​
It could be for anything,​
Thank your mailman for bringing the​ mail up to​ the​ office
Thank the​ underwriter for a​ speedy decision
Thank your client for calling to​ say they would be late
Thank the​ realtor for the​ referral.
These cards can make someone's day .​
And you​ really stand out from the​ crowd as​ a​ caring mortgage professional when you​ use them.
Mortgage Marketing Tip #4
If someone answers your phone for you,​ have him or​ her use the​ following line.,​
He/she is​ working with a​ client right now,​ let me see if​ he can take the​ call.
This does a​ couple things,​
1 .​
Makes you​ seem busy even if​ you​ are not .​
This shows the​ client that you​ are in​ demand and confirms that he made a​ good decision by choosing you.
2 .​
Allows you​ to​ not talk to​ people you​ do not want to​ talk to
3 .​
Allows you​ to​ say to​ the​ caller,​ if​ you​ pick up,​ that they are important enough to​ you​ to​ interrupt an​ important client meeting.
This might not be a​ traditional mortgage-marketing tool,​ but it​ will make you​ more desirable .​
And while it​ will not make the​ phone ring more,​ when it​ does,​ you​ will get respect from those on​ the​ other end of​ the​ line.
Mortgage Marketing Tip #5
Constant and Never Ending Improvement
Do something everyday to​ improve your business .​
1 small change everyday can make a​ huge difference in​ a​ couple months .​
Implement one mortgage marketing tool at​ least once a​ week .​
At least .​
Over the​ course of​ a​ couple years,​ the​ results will be dramatic.
Just one small thing is​ enough .​
Examples are:
· Hanging a​ certificate of​ completion on​ the​ wall
· Hanging a​ testimonial on​ the​ wall
· Adding a​ signature to​ your emails
· Adding a​ small consumer article to​ your website
· Subscribing to​ the​ Millionaire Loan Officer Newsletter at​ www.mortgagebrokertraining.com/newsletter.html
· Reading the​ FREE articles on​ mortgage broker marketing at​ www.mortgagebrokertraining.com/mortgagemagic.htm
Mortgage Marketing Tip #6
Look at​ other businesses for great ideas to​ adapt to​ your business
Most innovations come from other businesses.
Like the​ drive thru window .​
Who knows who started it,​ but fast food places use it,​ banks use it,​ pharmacies use it,​ and even restaurants are experiencing success with it .​
What new services do you​ use that make your life easier? Can you​ adapt these to​ your business? How about emailing potential customers the​ interest rate everyday if​ they request it? Or Providing a​ Post-Closing Kit with items clients will need when moving?
You can use the​ marketing tools from other businesses too .​
If you​ see a​ marketing piece that really gets your attention,​ think about how to​ adapt it​ and use it​ in​ your business.
Mortgage Marketing Tip #7
It doesn't matter how good a​ loan officer you​ are - if​ you​ suck at​ marketing,​ you​ will starve.
Knowing how to​ get clients is​ infinitely more important than any other knowledge you​ may attain.
Tony Robbins is​ not the​ best NLP trainer out there,​ but he is​ the​ richest because he knows how to​ market himself.
The Men-Mars,​ Women-Venus guy is​ not the​ best marriage counselor out there,​ but he sure made a​ killing in​ books,​ tapes,​ and seminars.
The best mortgage lending marketing tools are available at​ MortgageBrokerTraining.com's Mortgage Bookstore .​
How much money you​ make has very little correlation to​ how much you​ know .​
Of course you​ must know the​ basics,​ but other than that,​ it​ makes very little difference at​ all.
He who markets best,​ makes the​ most money.

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