7 Decorative Ideas For Stained Glass

7 Decorative Ideas For Stained Glass

Several years back, stained glass was strictly used in​ churches. Many people can recollect sitting in​ a​ church marveling at​ the detail of​ the glass and​ wondering just how it​ happened. But, today, stained glass can be used in​ many different ways. in​ fact, you​ can add it​ to​ your​ dcor to​ give your​ house or​ business an​ appeal like none other. How can you​ add stained glass to​ your​ house? Here are some ideas.

Idea 1: Windows! it​ makes excellent sense to​ add stained glass to​ your​ windows. When the light beams in, the room is​ filled with a​ wide range of​ colors and​ looks. And, you​ can use it​ in​ virtually any design that you​ would like. Add it​ to​ your​ front window for​ a​ unique and​ lavish decorative feature in​ your​ residence.

Idea 2: Doors. Many doors have that glass part of​ them that is​ hard to​ see through. this​ glass is​ there for​ security so that people can not see into the residence. But, replacing it​ with stained glass will give you​ that same beauty but will provide a​ lavish display on​ the front entrance to​ you​ residence.

Idea 3: Mirrors. for​ those that have large sized mirrors within​ their home, including those that are placed on​ an​ entire wall, stained glass can be incorporated on​ top of​ it​ to​ give a​ breath taking effect.

Idea 4: Vases and​ Bowls. an​ interesting way to​ add a​ little color and​ light into your​ residence is​ to​ use a​ vase that features stained glass. it​ provides hundreds of​ color alternatives, styles galore and​ even more interesting things to​ talk about within​ your​ house. Decorative bowls for​ candy are also proper here.

Idea 5: your​ Coffee Table. When you​ have guests visit your​ house, do you​ allow them to​ see a​ dull and​ boring coffee table? Add a​ stained glass top to​ it​ and​ youll surely have something to​ talk about.

Idea 6: Lamps and​ Lighting. One of​ the beauties of​ stained glass is​ the light that it​ allows through. The light is​ modified by the colors that you​ have selected and​ can add a​ gorgeous tone to​ it. for​ a​ subtle or​ a​ dramatic look, ask for​ stained glass lights.

Idea 7: Cabinet doors. an​ excellent way to​ add a​ dcor factor to​ a​ kitchen or​ to​ your​ television​ cabinet is​ for​ the doors to​ them to​ be made of​ stained glass. this​ will give you​ a​ lavish look that is​ completely original. Use the colors that fit your​ needs and​ tastes, add more of​ those colors throughout the kitchen and​ get a​ lavish look well worth the investment.

Adding stained glass to​ your​ house is​ the proper way to​ spice things up. you​ choose the color scheme, the look and​ the design and​ you​ reap the rewards of​ beauty that is​ unlike anything else. And, when the sun shines on​ your​ stained glass, it​ will be nothing short of​ impressive.

7 Decorative Ideas For Stained Glass

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