60 Ways To Boost Your Self Esteem

60 Ways To Boost Your Self Esteem

60 Ways to​ Boost your​ Self Esteem

Below is​ Chapter 1 taken from this​ booklet. Each booklet is​ written to​ provide easy to​ follow information​ for​ busy people.

Chapter 1 - First 19 Self Esteem Boosters

Taken from the booklet - 60 ways to​ boost your​ self esteem

Take one of​ these 19 self esteem boosters and​ use it​ for​ the whole day if​ that helps. Avoid just reading them and​ doing nothing. Take action!

Praise Someone Today. Find someone to​ thank, express love and/or gratitude to

Relax your​ Mind. Just for​ 5 seconds to​ start with. Stop, breathe deeply and​ relax.

Clear out the clutter. your​ basement, the garage, the attic (loft), your​ old clothes from the 70s!

Forget the models on​ TV. Stop comparing yourself to​ people who make a​ living from the need to​ maintain​ their face and/or body, so therefore spend all day focusing on​ it!

Laugh. Take out your​ favorite comedy dvd movie or​ switch onto a​ comedy channel. Find a​ friend that makes you​ laugh.

Make other people smile. Smile at​ a​ stranger, tell a​ joke, tickle someone.

Dance. Take your​ favorite tune, turn it​ up loud (with headphones!) and​ dance until you​ drop!

What you​ focus on​ expands. Focus on​ how great you​ are and​ within​ no time you​ will feel great.

Make a​ decision. is​ there something you​ have been putting off. Deciding releases feelings of​ anxiety. Its the indecision​ that causes the problem!

Let go of​ comparing yourself. She's prettier than I am. He's more intelligent than I am. Stop comparing yourself to​ other people and​ just focus on​ your​ own personal and​ professional growth.

Take a​ short walk. Not every day if​ that's too much but at​ least a​ couple of​ times a​ week stop what you​ are doing and​ take a​ short walk in​ nature.

Enjoy a​ relaxing bubble bath. Scented candles, soft lights and​ music. a​ warm bath full of​ bubbles and​ maybe a​ partner to​ share it​ with! Enjoy

Set yourself a​ goal. What one thing can you​ do in​ the next 48 hours that will help you​ feel good?

Lessen your​ dependence on​ stimulants. We are at​ the beginners phase so I won't say give them up but cut down at​ least. a​ little every day is​ better than going cold turkey!

Say something good about yourself. Right now. Yes right now as​ you​ read this​ say something good about yourself. GO! List what you​ are good at. Make a​ list of​ all the things you​ are really good at.

List your​ successes. Start small. Maybe you​ cleaned your​ car today, or​ you​ refused to​ eat when you​ were not really hungry. is​ the world really that bad? Find some great things about the world, your​ country, your​ state, your​ home town, your​ neighborhood.

Create a​ vision​ for​ yourself. Create a​ vision​ of​ who you​ are when you​ are at​ the top of​ your​ game. What do you​ need to​ do to​ make that happen?

I hope you​ found those 19 self esteem tips useful. The next chapter focuses on​ taking it​ up a​ level and​ introduce more intermediate short term tips before ending with some advance longer term terms, all available to​ help you​ boost your​ self esteem and​ feel better about yourself.

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