5 Writing Myths Busted

5 Writing Myths Busted

One common element whenever human beings gather is​ the​ need to​ talk and share experiences. Often that need turns into something a​ little more fun,​ a​ little more dangerous -- gossip. Gossip is​ often fun but it​ can also be dangerous because it​ spreads quickly (because it​ is​ fun) and often distorts or​ even completely avoids the​ truth. Gossip creates myths in​ many fields and professions,​ and the​ field of​ writing is​ especially prone.

The top five myths about writing are:

Myth 1: Writing is​ easy for some people. Let me tell you that is​ just about the​ biggest myth going. I have been a​ professional writer for going on​ three decades now. I also know many other professional writers of​ various ages,​ experience,​ and income. I don't know a​ writer that will tell you that writing is​ easy. Writing is​ brutal,​ hard work and there are times when I think it​ would be easier to​ simply open a​ vein as​ Red Smith said. However experience and practice can make many writing tasks easier. There are some writing tasks that I can almost accomplish on​ autopilot because I have written that specific format and/or topic a​ lot.

Myth 2: Writing requires talent. I won't lie. Talent can certainly help and talent is​ what separates the​ great writers from the​ good writers. But the​ truth is​ that talent is​ not enough to​ make a​ writer great or​ even good and talent is​ not a​ necessary requirement to​ be a​ good writer. Writing is​ a​ skill that can be learned,​ developed and honed. if​ you practice your craft,​ if​ you read the​ writing of​ others to​ learn more about your craft,​ and if​ you seek and accept guidance and suggestions about your writing then you will improve and grow as​ a​ writer. Dedication harnessed with talent can create amazing results but if​ I had to​ pick just one then I would go with dedication. You can always increase your skill level through dedication.

Myth 3: Writing isn't an​ useful skill. I have made my living as​ a​ writer for my entire professional life but even if​ you don't intend to​ make your living with words you will need this crucial skill. There simply isn't a​ profession that does not involve writing. Perhaps the​ form will vary,​ but written communication is​ the​ cornerstone in​ every professional field. Your writing ability will often impact landing a​ job as​ well as​ advancing in​ your career. Today written communication is​ even more crucial in​ professional and personal relationships.

Myth 4: You can't make a​ living as​ a​ writer. I can remember when I told my father that I wanted to​ be an​ English major in​ college. He was very worried that I wouldn't be able to​ support myself. the​ truth is​ that I have never had trouble finding a​ job and today I own my own business because of​ this flexible and important skill. Not only can you make a​ living as​ a​ writer but writing is​ an​ essential tool for many other careers and professions.

Myth 5: Writers block is​ alive and torturing writers as​ you read this. I'm not dismissing the​ difficulties inherent in​ dealing with writers block but whenever I talk with writers purportedly suffering from it​ they fall within two general groups. the​ first group actually creates their own block by insisting on​ the​ perfect place,​ mood,​ or​ alignment of​ planets in​ order to​ write. This is​ beyond ridiculous. One of​ the​ many benefits I gained from years of​ newsroom experience is​ the​ ability to​ write in​ almost any condition or​ mood. Deadlines will teach anyone how to​ give writers block short shrift. the​ second group I have more sympathy for as​ their problem really is​ internal in​ nature. Usually the​ problem is​ that the​ particular story (whether fiction or​ nonfiction) they want to​ tell is​ not yet finished cooking in​ their brain. in​ this case,​ while the​ writing may be stalled I don't agree that it​ is​ blocked. the​ writer must listen to​ that inner voice and respond appropriately. Sometimes the​ idea needs more time to​ percolate and sometimes more research and/or planning is​ necessary. Once the​ proper adjustments are made the​ writing will begin to​ flow again.

Don't let your writing fall victim to​ these five myths about writing.

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